It’s still cold out… but there’s no denying that spring will be creeping up on us in the coming weeks. And since most of us enjoy spending time outside (especially when it’s bug-free and the weather is nice), we’re sharing a few tips on creating the perfect outdoor space and improving the exterior of your home.

Whether you start your day on your deck with a cup of coffee or you’re ready to start inviting friends over for dinner on the grill, the outside of your home needs your attention. Let’s look at a few ways to spruce things up!

Create Interest

Don’t just focus on your patio or deck when decorating… use the entire space to create the vibe you’re striving for. Creating a custom space that reflects your personality, means focusing on more than just the furniture. Add outdoor rugs, hang art on the exterior walls, or even install a vertical flower garden or water feature.

Don’t forget the walkways.

Start at the front lawn. Add a stone walkway or solar lighting to tie it all together with ambiance. Create interest with overhead lighting, a fire pit, or tiki torches.

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Go Natural

Use nature to infuse life into your space… literally. Whether you plant evergreen shrubs, seasonal bulbs, or grow fresh herbs in your garden, work those natural elements into your design! Use different hues and sizes to bring the look together.

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Make it Cozy

If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, take the time to consider what will create a cozy space for you. This may mean installing a pergola for a little privacy. Or adding a large sun umbrella to keep the hot summer sun at bay.

Tip: If you have a covered porch or sunroom and the summer sun is relentless, consider installing cool roofing to keep the area cooler and preserve your roof’s lifespan. For your sunroom look at using net curtains over traditional ones – you get to enjoy the natural light from the sun without the glare.

When it comes to furnishing the space always focus on comfort and durability. Choose seating that is weatherproof and comfortable to lounge on for long periods of time. Consider a shady hammock and be sure to secure it properly with a hammock carabiner. Don’t worry if it’s not the cutest piece of furniture – you can always accessorize the space to achieve your desired look.

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The Details

It’s always the personal touches that make a space pop. From the color of the garage doors and the matching trim to the throw pillows and lighting you choose, make sure that your space is a true reflection of your style and personality. Take your time curating the space, there’s no need to rush. Plus, you’ll avoid that showroom look and instead create a space that’s eclectically you!