Whether you’re starting a business from home or beginning a career as a remote worker or freelancer, you need a well-equipped home office. A corner of your bedroom won’t do. Since you won’t just be paying bills or writing in your journal, your workspace has some very specific needs. 

Let’s look at the most important qualities and what you need to do to ensure you have them.

designated space

Keeping home life and work life separate gets a little hard when you’re working from home. You have to get into a different mindset… a productive flow. Having your flow interrupted by the distractions of being at home can often overtake the benefits of working from home.

If you can’t dedicate a room to serve as the home office, consider a room divider. Something as simple as filled bookshelves or a decorative screen could provide the needed separation. It doesn’t matter if you convert a storage room or walk-in closet. What’s important is that the space needs to be dedicated to you being able to get stuff done.

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Part of the separation that’s important is keeping the other distracting noises from home far away. This is key to productivity, especially if you have family or roommates buzzing about. Although you can ask them to respect your boundaries, it’s not always fair to them. 

Consider soundproofing the room as shown at Home Tips. Or create a work playlist and install Bluetooth speakers or put on your headphones and let the music drown out potential distractions. 

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Converting a spare or unused room into a home office is about more than finding a cute desk and chair ensemble. You need it to be a comfortable space. You’ll be working in your office for hours at a time. Your comfort is important.

If the room you choose is drafty or hard to heat and cool – I ran into this problem when my home office was above my garage – grab a space heater or install a ceiling fan. If the sunbeams heavily on the side of the house where your office is, look into better insulation, blackout curtains, and EcoTech replacement windows.

Your comfort doesn’t just stop with the environment. You also need furniture that isn’t just attractive to look at, but it’s comfortable to sit in. If you don’t have ergonomic furniture, then invest in it. Avoiding the possibility of neck and back pain will drastically impact your productivity and how well you’re able to focus on your work.

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Working in a dull, dark space is never going to be optimal. Make use of natural light and consider changing out heavy (or dark) curtains for lighter window treatments to brighten the workplace up. And if you’re working at a computer all day, be sure to add lamps around the room and on your desktop. Otherwise, the sharp contrast of the monitor against dark surroundings can create eyestrain and lead to headaches.

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It’s a space that’s supposed to be conducive to work. Make organization a priority. This post from the balance has some good tips or organizing your office: The Balance. 

Keep the area free of clutter. You want a clean defined workspace. If you use a lot of paper in your line of work, invest in a filing cabinet or consider scanning documents into a cloud server. Keep the drawers of your desk set for specific purposes and make sure that when you find a place to put something, it’s within reach and easy to find. For example, have a different drawer for office supplies, a separate file for invoices, and so on. Otherwise, you’ll spend unnecessary time trying to find things.