Trust is a powerful thing. We often associate trust with relationships and family. But just as a mom makes building trust in their children important, we have to do the same for our businesses.

No matter how gifted you are or how unique your idea is, you can’t build a strong brand without trust. Your brand needs to make a promise to prospective customers – whether it’s associated with a certain level of service or the quality of the product. You may not have noticed before, but all businesses have a brand promise. It’s usually woven into the fabric of their mission statement, and you should too.

the customer’s trust

Small businesses need to build trust more than ever. As an entrepreneur, you stand shoulder to shoulder with corporate giants that have more money and resources at their disposal than you do. They don’t necessarily have a better product or service but they have the benefit of familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust.

It’s the foundation of marketing – the more they see you, the more top of mind you are. Even if there are better products or services available to you.

As a small business owner start establishing trust by overdelivering. Make customer satisfaction a primary goal and strive to impress your customer’s so much that they become your guerilla marketing team; by referring new business your way.

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trust yourself

As important as it is to trust those around you, you must also trust your own judgment. When faced with risk, it’s easy to shy away from a potentially lucrative opportunity, even if your instinct is to take the chance. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that you’re unlikely to reach your full potential if you’re afraid to trust your own instincts.

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establish trust with your team

As a business owner, you are likely resourceful, hard-working, dedicated and fiercely independent. Although this attitude is commendable, it can sometimes be detrimental to your ability to trust others that support you. But to grow, you have to learn to delegate and start to trust your team… even your third party service providers that you need to take your business to the next level. From the payroll company you use and your tax accountant to your managed IT services provider and your graphic designer, if you don’t establish trust you’ll spend time micro-managing their process instead of growing your business.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t challenge them if you don’t feel that their results justify the expense. But when you partner with quality people, give them room to deliver. By trusting in their skills, experience, and ideas you can truly unlock your business’ potential.  

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build a brand others can trust

Building trust in your brand is crucial to sustained growth. How you do this is up to you and based on your industry and how your target market responds. But start by delivering excellent service and products consistently to your customers – it’s the foundation for creating a brand that others trust.