Is it easy for you to strike up a conversation with people? Do you generally offer help or assistance to others that are in need? Are you left feeling drained after being around groups or in crowded spaces? If these questions sound familiar, you might be an empath.

Empaths are people that absorb the energy of others and are extremely sensitive. They feel what others are feeling and feed off their mood. They are often emotionally drained by stressful or chaotic circumstances and they sometimes have a hard time with the traditional work environment.

Empathy is often considered a social skill. You see it in job descriptions or even used in phrases to redirect insensitive behavior: “you should be more empathetic”. But being an empath is much deeper than just exercising empathy. They have a natural ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. They may find themselves being unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, directives, and moods.

Some jobs can cause distress because of the empaths sensitive nature. But it can also be used to their advantage to help others. Choosing the right career path can be the difference between being unhappy and living a fulfilled life. If you’re an empath or know someone who is, you’ll want to read this. We’ve compiled a few career choices that can be a good fit for empaths.

Here are a few of the best career paths for empaths –

Life Coaching

Empaths are genuinely concerned with the happiness of others. They always have people’s best interests at heart, which makes being a life coach the perfect opportunity for them.

As a life coach, you form a strong bond with your clients with the ultimate goal of helping them to tap into their full potential. You will guide them through developing a strong sense of self-worth and help to open their eyes to their strengths, capabilities, and areas of expertise.

Typically, life coaches meet with individuals or small groups. They practice privately or for a company. In order to be considered a certified life coach, you will need to complete an accredited course. If it sounds like something that interests you, find out more here

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Empaths are natural caregivers. They try to accommodate anyone who is unwell (physically, emotionally, and mentally). As a nurse, having that instinct to help patients feel more relaxed and confident while receiving care and treatment is an invaluable skill.

Nurses play a significant role in a variety of healthcare institutions and medical situations. In fact, they comprise the most populated occupation in the healthcare sector. While there are various specialties in the field, they all require high levels of empathy in order to care sufficiently for their patients.

Nurses communicate with patients, doctors, and other medical professionals. They understand the priorities and worries of each individual party and they mediate the communication between both. They also need to administer patients’ medication and helping them understand each step of their care. 

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Much like nurses, psychologists also treat people that experience health issues. They just focus on mental illnesses. Empaths heightened awareness and sensitivity helps them to understand the depth of emotional suffering. They are amazing listeners and have a great understanding of what others need to find relief or healing.

As a psychologist, you’ll have the option of working privately in your own practice or in clinics, hospitals, and mental health centers.

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Are you able to best articulate yourself with words? If so, consider channeling your feelings and emotions through writing. Empaths are often considered more creative than most because they can experience unfamiliar and often powerful emotions. But empaths are sensitive and can sometimes feel ashamed of their imaginative ideas. Instead of shying away from your gifts, embrace them.

Let what you feel power your storytelling or your poetry or how you document events and people. As a writer, you can freelance and work for yourself or find work with a publication, start a blog, or even become an author.

Artists are visionaries. They see life differently than others. They create beautiful artwork by projecting their perspective onto a canvas. Empaths can be phenomenal artists because their minds experience so much turmoil, which is often the foundation of many great works of art.

Artists have many ways to generate income – from selling reprints of original work to accepting commissioned contract pieces, the internet has made the possibilities endless.

These are just a few of the careers empaths have found great accomplishment and happiness with. There are, of course, plenty more to consider. So use these as a starting point and work out which role will incorporate your skills and personality best. Regardless of what you choose, your gift of being an empath will no doubt serve your quest for success!