When you reach a stage in your business where you’re comfortable, when you’ve found your groove and everything is flowing like it should, that’s exactly when you need to start pushing to the next level of success. That’s when it’s time to level up. 

Changing your mindset to facilitate the next level of business is only a small part of what you need to do to start expanding your vision. Let’s look at 3 others ways that you should consider when making your next move.

Take a few risks

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re already familiar with taking chances. Sometimes, we get a little comfortable with how things are going and allow fear to set in.

Uncharted waters can be scary.

But when it’s time to take your business to the next level, change is inevitable. You may find yourself scouting out your next location or expanding your product offering. Or maybe it’s time to widen your market share by starting with all new market research on a target audience that maybe wasn’t on your radar before. It might mean becoming a thought leader by writing a book or taking on speaking engagements.

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Marketing your business at events, conferences, festivals… etc. is a great way to increase visibility, expand your audience, and potentially bring in new customers. Being a vendor at events will usually involve having a table for people to peruse and see what you have to offer. Your presentation is everything. Showcase your personality, have your mini sales pitch perfected and invest in promotional items for your table and branded decor. The more you stand out, the more attention you’ll get.

Hosting your own events

Start branding yourself as a market leader by hosting your own events. You’ll find that corporate event planning isn’t too hard, all you need is a strong attention to detail. Or… if funds allow, consider hiring someone to plan it for you. If you’re a small business owner, small events can also be money makers (think: ticket sales and vendor booth rentals).

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People power

Your employees are the heartbeat of your business. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, evaluate your team. When you take care of the people that work for you, they pay you back with loyalty and strong work ethic.

Unfortunately, employees aren’t always valued for the contribution that they make to the success of small business. Just watch an episode of The Profit to see how some business owners treat their teams. And there’s no positive side to this. Low morale leads to poor performance. Period. 

To keep your team excited about working for you, lead from the front.

  • Have integrity and make sure that your expectations are crystal clear.
  • Talk to your employees. Show interest in who they are and what’s important to them.
  • Get an understanding of what motivates them. You’ll find for some, it’s open recognition for a job well done and for others, it may be a performance bonus.
  • Be involved. You don’t have to be in the thick of the work all the time, but your team should know that there’s no job you won’t do.

Remember that for them this is a job. For you, this is your business. So appreciation and gratitude and your business will be all the better for it.

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The most important thing you can do for your business is to stay in a constant state of growth and evolution. Make sure that what you’re doing is moving your forward and towards greater success. Don’t allow stagnation to hold you hostage to your current state. It’s time to level-up.