We live in busy. No matter how hard we try, we constantly feel as if there’s not enough time in a day to get everything done (and practice a little self-care in the process). It can be very frustrating and cause stress and feelings of overwhelm.

How often do you wish for an extra hour in your day? Do you struggle to juggle family, work and other commitments? … or find yourself staying up late into the night trying to catch up with emails, housework, or other responsibilities? Do you constantly complain about not having enough time or find that you’re always tired or that you never have time to take a break or do anything fun?

If this is you… we understand. We’ve all be there or are there, right now. 

The awful truth is there will never be an extra hour in the day and the truth is you might not need one. Instead, you need to find ways to do what you do (or even more) in less time. Whether you’re a mom, a blogger or a small business owner, making a few changes to how you manage your time can make it feel like you’ve got more time in your week. How you use this time – self-care, study, read, exercise, rest or to grow your blog/business – is completely up to you.

Mastering time management can help you to get more done, feel better, sleep more, stress less and generally get more enjoyment from your life. Here’s a look at what you need to do.

Write it down

Did you know that you are more likely to stick to targets and hit your goals if you write them down?

We’ve become so used to the convenience of technology that we minimize the value of writing stuff down. Using a planner or to-do lists are a brilliant way to manage your time. It’s a simple yet unbelievably effective concept. 

The simple act of writing something down makes it more achievable. You are connecting your actions with your goals and then prioritizing by importance and allotted time frame, all in one action. Even if you use the reminders on your phone or schedule the tasks on your online calendar, start writing down your tasks.

Try this: At the start of every week, write down what you want to achieve. Write a list of everything you need to do to make it happen. Then, spend 10 intentional minutes every morning, before you start your day, writing a detailed to-do list for the day. 

Don’t get distracted

Instead of spending 30 minutes before every task thinking about how you are going to do it, or even worse, avoiding it with an endless social media scroll, just get started. 

Look at your list, pick out your next task, and do it. Then, cross it off and move on to the next task.

Distractions happen to the best of us. If you find that you’re distracted by social media, there are apps – Offtime and Moment – that will keep you from accessing your social media for specific amounts of time. If you work from home and get sidetracked by housework, schedule it in – that way nothing gets neglected buy you’re able to stay on task. 

If something unexpected comes up during the day, make a choice – what I like to call a command decision. Use these criteria as a general guide, if you can complete the job in less than 5 minutes, do it right then and then get back on track. If it will take longer, find a space for it on your to-do list and get back to what you were doing. 

Eliminate time suckers

We all have people in our lives (friends, family, co-workers) that drain us of our time, resources, and energy. When you allow others to drain you or keep you from doing what is best for your well being, your productivity, or your advancement, you’re subliminally giving them permission to get off track. Ever fell deflated or empty, or derailed after a long-winded conversation or interaction with someone? It’s a sign.

Make a list of those that you spend the most time with. Include friends, family, colleagues and even neighbors (if applicable). Pay attention to people that you may be spending too much time with no benefit. Think co-worker that loves to stop at your desk and talk about her personal life. Start exiting interactions that don’t serve your best interest or your goals. If you have people in your life that you call friends but you realize that while you know everything about them but they know very little about you – they are time suckers. Start limiting your time in these one-sided relationships and add time back to your day… heck, your whole life.

Use your resources

Setting up a home or work network or using a cloud service can revolutionize the way you work, and save you a lot of time. It can mean that you can work from different computers, devices or even locations without missing a beat; Share your work and data with any clients or employees and manage your tasks on the go.

Tip: If you manage a team, and need additional security for sensitive data, it’s worth it to look into IT companies to make sure that what you’re implementing is the best option for your business. If you work on your own, a cloud-based option might be best for you. Making it so that you are free to work wherever you are. Apps like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google Keep may provide just what you’re looking for.