When your business has hit rock bottom, panic starts to set in. It can often feel like your business is heading for failure. This is where people begin to give up and throw in the towel. But that may be the worst decision to make.

There are so many things you can do to save your failing business before you decide to pack up shop entirely. Let’s look at a few areas that might need your attention before you make your final decision.  

Your Website

Your website is one of the biggest selling points of your business. It can help to boost sales and increase credibility. But what makes a good website? There are many different components of a good website. The most important being the overall quality of design.

We’ve all been on poorly designed websites, where the images are low quality, or the copy is poorly written. Your website is often the first image of your business that a customer will encounter. You don’t want to leave the wrong impression.

Take a look at the overall layout and design of the website. Is it attractive and inviting to potential customers? Is the copy compelling enough to grab their interest and keep them there? enough to bring customers and keep them there? If not, it may be time to contact a web design company. Find someone that can take your overall vision and aesthetic preferences and create a website that reflects that.  

Your Team

Your staff is the backbone of your business. If you’re running into trouble, it might be time to look at your employees. Check to see if there are systems or processes that need to be improved… or maybe their performance has been subpar and a little reorganization is needed.

If morale is low, consider doing something to boost the mood and build team cohesion. Give them incentives for a job well done. This doesn’t always mean spending money, it could just be verbal recognition or lunch on you!

Sidenote: If you find that the problem lies with the management team you’ve hired, then you definitely want to make a change quickly. Poor performance often starts from the top down. If your supervisors’ aren’t setting the right example or expectations, it’s time to make some changes. You need people that are going to lead your team to success and inspire them to want to give their very best. 

Your Work Ethic

While it’s easy to look at the different variables that could be the root cause of your business concerns, you also need to look at yourself. How is your energy? How productive are you? … and what’s your work ethic look like?

Your work ethic plays a big part in the success of your business. If you’re distracted, lazy, or undependable, you shouldn’t be surprised that your business is going through a tough time. Remember, your business is your responsibility. You should be putting in 110% effort to see it succeed.

*this is a contributor written post