We live in an amazing time. A time when exploring your potential is encouraged and the possibilities for earning a living are endless. From emerging industries like brand influencers to freelance writers, business and IT consulting gigs, creative content producers, and e-commerce business owners, there’s no shortage of ways to create a name for yourself and start creating a life they love.

But, let’s be real. It can be difficult to balance our responsibilities (especially your finances) and pursue our passions at the same time. Just remember that you don’t have to quit your day job to start working towards your entrepreneurial goals. In fact, you’ll have a leg up if you start while employed and let your 9-5 be your silent investor.

Although many women have an optimistic outlook on being able to start a business, that optimism often doesn’t convert to reality. In fact, a recent study showed more than 66% of 18– 34-year-olds have a desire to start their own business. However, only about 4% of U.S. businesses in 2013 were owned by those under 30. 

That’s quite a gap! And while resources might be to blame for some of these failed dreams, it’s not the only boundary faced by many. Some find it difficult to decide on what they want to pursue. While others feel ill-equipped to be successful in their chosen market. An even though there are remedies to both of these concerns, many women still have difficulty finding the courage to overcome these obstacles.

you'll have a leg up if you start while employed and let your 9-5 be your silent investor. Click To Tweet

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If you’re not sure where to start but you know you want to own your own business, get creative.

There’s a niche for everything… EVERYTHING!

I know a fellow entrepreneur that loves books and interviewing authors but isn’t a writer herself. She carved out space for herself in the literary market when she decided to host author events. Or my friend that is good with meal-prepping nutritious food for weight trainers. She started a meal-prep and food delivery service that started out slow but has had massive success. You see, all you need is a little brainstorming and creative thinking to find what will work for you. The possibilities are endless. 

If you’re feeling like there are skills you need to learn before you start, there’s a solution for that too.

With access to resources that provide free and inexpensive education options that don’t involve a classroom – like Udemy, CreativeLive, or Skillshare – you can virtually learn just about anything. With invaluable knowledge at your fingertips, there are fewer barriers to entry for women wanting to build businesses or generate additional income.

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Over the past 10 years, I personally went from the founder of 3 failed – but once successful – businesses to full-time career woman with a side-hustle; to e-commerce novice, to building 2 thriving businesses – all while being a wife and mom (of teenagers, now young adults). Along the way, I learned a lot about myself; and I discovered that there are 3 common reasons that people don’t pursue starting their own businesses.

1. lack of confidence

– not fully understanding your value or worth and thinking that others won’t appreciate what you have to offer. Doubting your abilities.

2. perceived limitations

– thinking you need more than you actually do or undervaluing what is available to you for you to get started. Not being resourceful or a problem solver to find (or make) a way. And instead, succumbing to your current situation and your best case scenario.

3. no motivation or drive

– the inability to put as much energy/commitment into your own goals and desires as you do for your employer. Not being able to push yourself to just get started despite your circumstances, mood, or other obligations.

The irony of this list is that each can be positively impacted by you deciding to just get started.

You’ll gain confidence with each win that you have in your business. Your perceived limitations will dissipate every time you’re able to figure something out on your own. And your ability to motivate yourself will only grow as you grow your business. Understanding that it’s all connected, helps you to grasp the idea that you don’t have to have it all perfect and sorted out to start.

Your perceived limitations will dissipate every time you're able to figure something out. Click To Tweet

Embarking on a new endeavor while working full-time can be hard. But by doing so you can maintain your current lifestyle and fund your startup without experiencing the traditional financial strain of becoming an entrepreneur.  Be smart about your decision… but most of all get started while you still have the security of employment.