Sometimes change is needed and what better way to shake things up in your life than moving. Not up the street or around the corner… but literally packing up and making a move to somewhere you’ve been dreaming of for a long long time.

Sometimes it’s our current lifestyle that holds us back from achieving our dreams.

The environment and community that we live in plays a massive part in our overall wellbeing and development. What if you’re not living in the place that’s most conducive to your soul’s purpose? How many times have you heard someone say that when they moved to a new place, it just felt like home. 

It’s why teenagers go away to college or young adults spend a semester abroad. It’s why we dream of passport stamps to far away places and imagine ourselves living in another country, even if just for a year. Dreams like these don’t have to be far-fetched thoughts.

If you want to experience something different, move! You are not a tree.

Just because you were born somewhere, or you’ve lived in the same place for a long time, doesn’t mean you have to stay there. The world is more connected now than ever and you can be on the other side of it in twenty-four hours if you wanted to. Don’t be limited by fear or familiarity… do what’s best for you!

Need a little inspiration? Here are five great reasons to consider packing your bags and driving off into the sunset.

Home is where the heart is

Moving to a new environment, one that is fitting for your personality can do wonders for your mental health. How many times have you been on vacation and felt like the vibe of that city just spoke to your soul? Or you’ve traveled to visit friends or family only to discover that you just click with the city? Sounds dreamy… but that feeling is very real. 

Whether it’s warmer weather and a more health-conscious community you’re craving or you fell in love with the busy streets of New York – there are some places that have your name on them. Take a chance. Don’t allow your fear to convince you to stay where you’re comfortable. Follow your heart. If all else fails, there’s no place like home – and you can always find your way back – but this time, with stories of your many adventures. 

It’s time for a new chapter

Moving away could be the best way to start something new. If you’ve hit a brick wall or feel like you’ve been stuck for awhile it’s time to do something about it. Mix things up and go on an adventure. Leave behind your anxiety worries and stress and see what else the world has to offer. It could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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Quality of life

If you’re saving money then you’ll be able to spend it on more luxury items and experiences. A better home, car, school, and clothing could be just one major decision away. It’s difficult to completely uproot yourself from everything you’ve built so far and it will be hard to say goodbye to friends but ultimately it could be better for you and your family.

Untapped opportunity

Anything you’ve dreamed of can be achieved.

If you want to live a simple life near the water, move to the beach. Maybe you want to enjoy the pulse of a busy metropolitan city, head for Los Angeles, Miami, or New York! Or if you’re looking to make moves in a city with an emerging economy look into Detroit or Jacksonville. And if you’re really looking for adventure and ready to immerse yourself in a whole new culture, visit (or do your research on) countries that provide the lifestyle you’re seeking.

Life is what you make of it.

Nothing has to be permanent.

Time will pass you by whether you follow your heart or not… why not live a full and exciting life and have the memories of a lifetime!

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Save money

Let’s face it. We often overstate the cost of moving. Now to be fair, there are some cities that are too expensive for many of us to consider. But if you’re living in the city you’re likely paying a premium for it; and if you’re not, you might want to see how far your dollars can go in a new place.

Many people don’t even have moving abroad on their radar. They immediately chalk it up to be too expensive or difficult to adjust to new cultures. The truth is, we adapt a lot faster than we give ourselves credit for. How many of us were uprooted as children and thrown into a new environment with no say in the matter? Or we’ve moved to a place we’ve never been to be with someone we loved… you get the point.

As for the financial aspect of living in another country. You might want to do a little research. In some cases, you could be saving a fortune on house and land packages abroad. The first step is to do a currency conversion calculation. You may just find out you are far better off than you thought you were.

Interested in knowing more? Read this article for more insight on just how inexpensive it can be to live overseas.

Don’t worry. If you’re unsure about making such a life-changing decision then try a vacation to your destination of choice first. Get to know the area, the people, and the vibe, then make a well-informed and heartfelt decision