We all know that there’s nothing like the beginning of a new year to make you think about all that you want to achieve over the next 12 months. By now you’ve made your plans for the year, set your goals, and created a vision board for your life. However, don’t forget to extend that same ambition towards your website.

Yep, your website needs annual goals too. Whether it’s increasing traffic, adding value, or making your site easier to navigate… you’ll want to put effort into improving your website. Because when it comes to your business, no matter if you’re a digital entrepreneur or you have a storefront, your website should play an important role in your marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you could look to refresh your site this year

Enhance the overall experience

How many times have you visited your website as a consumer? If you haven’t done it in a while… it’s definitely time. Take a moment to navigate your site the way a potential customer would. The site design and functionality are essential to the visitor’s experience. They should have no problem finding what they’re looking for quickly and effortlessly. You want visitors to your website to return, subscribe, or even purchase from you. Make sure your website communicates that effectively.

Tip: Think your perspective might be a little biased? Enlist the help of friends, loyal customers, or colleagues to give you feedback on their experience with your website.

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Upgrade your design

If you’re constantly wondering if your website design is a good representation of your brand, it might be a sign that it’s time for a redesign. You may be able to spruce up your site by updating your fonts and graphics, or by purchasing a template or using web design software, but if you think you need a complete overhaul you will want the help of an experienced web designer and when you’re ready for fully customized and optimized site check out professional web design firms such as Nuttifox. 

How are you converting?

Is your site effective enough to get visitors to respond to your call-to-action? Think about what you want your visitors to do? You want visitors that take the time to visit your site to subscribe to your blog or newsletter, fill out a form, or purchase a product.

A site that successfully converts will turn your visitors into customers, subscribers, or clients. Every page on your website should act as a prompt for visitors to take action. It could be anything from requesting a discount code to downloading a freebie or taking advantage of a sale.

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Give your content some love

How often do you review or refresh your website content? If you’re like most, it’s probably been awhile. Search engines like Google crawl websites in search of valuable and useful content. When you publish fresh content regularly you not only help to better engage your target audience, but you also increase your search engine rankings which in turn helps to boost organic traffic to your site.

Is your site mobile-friendly?

Did you know that Google gives a boost to websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly? Not sure if your site is mobile-friendly? Use this tool to (created by Google to check) – click here.