The life of an entrepreneur is both challenging and rewarding. You’re constantly pushing yourself to new levels and overcoming obstacles along the way. Even when you’re doing well, there’s always something that you could be doing better. 

There’s always something new to learn or more to do. It’s quite different from most jobs and careers where your role and duties are clearly defined. When you’re in business for yourself, you pave your own way. You create your future and the success or failure that you experience, squarely falls on your shoulders. But there are a few characteristics that can be helpful on your journey. We’re sharing them below.

Stay open

Be willing to learn and discover new things.

There is so much knowledge out there to help you achieve success. You just have to be open to the possibilities and go find them. It’s frustrating to see entrepreneurs fail from lack of knowledge. When information is everywhere. The internet has literally provided us with an endless library.

If you find yourself stuck, be your own problem solver. From books and podcasts to conferences and events, there are an abundant amount of resources available to you. And if long reads or in-person events aren’t exactly your thing, stay up to date on new trends through Entrepreneurship Blogs and websites. 

Eliminate distractions

Distractions are everywhere and it can often seem like everything demands your attention.

Our devices, social media, and email all serve as distractions from you getting the real work done. And when you’re in business for yourself and already juggling many different responsibilities, distractions can be very costly. Take some time to identify what takes you off track throughout the day. Then, start to eliminate those distractions by setting boundaries (i.e.: allocating a specific amount of time for social media engagement or checking your email).

Build a strong team

For you to do well, the people who work for you also have to do well; that’s the way it works. Good communication, clear expectations, and letting your employees know that you care, will help them to feel valued. But building a strong team doesn’t stop with your employees, it also encompasses the relationships that you have with vendors, contractors, mentors, and colleagues. Make sure that nurturing your ‘support’ relationships is a priority from the beginning and your business will be that much stronger for it.

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Know when enough is enough

Stress is one of the most damaging factors for entrepreneurs.

Be sure that you are taking steps to care for yourself. Give yourself permission to unplug from your work; even if it’s just for a few minutes each day.

Tip: Take 15-minute breaks that consist of something that relaxes you. Whether it’s a meditation or yoga break or even taking a short walk or reading a chapter in your current book of the month – just do something that doesn’t include work!

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Create a positive workspace

Entrepreneurs are leaders. They set the tone and create the vibe for their business and their environment. You want to create a workspace that inspires you, and your team, to want to do more and be better. Start with the aesthetics and go from there.

  • Decorate a bright, airy and welcoming workplace.
  • Focus on morale by making sure that your team feels valued and supported.
  • Recognize individual and company wins to encourage team inclusion.
  • Roll out changes by having a team discussion and soliciting feedback and questions. Even if you are the captain of the ship you want the workplace to feel less like a dictatorship and more like a team.