In business today, it’s not enough to make money. You need to make a difference! We live in an age of transparency thanks to the ability of digital technology to make businesses more accountable than ever to their customers.

Today’s consumers are starting to demand that businesses do their part to operate sustainably.

McDonald’s sets a great example. Not only do they use recycled paper in their packaging, they have also repurposed their used cooking oil to make biodiesel to power their delivery trucks. I know what you’re thinking… These are the types of contributions we’d expect from big businesses, but what about small business owners and solopreneurs? The truth is that the size of your business doesn’t matter. We can all make changes and become more conscious of our contribution to improving the environment

Get creative with your waste

More and more businesses are giving real thought to what they do with their waste. Most businesses now recycle their paper, metal cans, plastics, and food waste. But there are lots of ways you can take this a step further. Encourage your team to reduce waste by going paperless wherever possible. With cloud servers and online project management systems it’s easier than ever to reduce paper use.

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Give green incentives

You push your team and your freelancers to get results, and improving your business’ green credibility should be no different. Incentivize your team with green rewards and bonuses for carpooling or using public transport to work instead of their car. Have contests and encourage them to come up with innovative ways to operate more sustainably.

Work from home Wednesdays

Simply taking a day away from the office to carry out your duties at home can save on operations costs while reducing your business’ carbon footprint. If you and your team are able to carry out your operations from home, you should consider doing so once a week. Wednesdays are a great option as they help to break up the week and provide a fun solution to the “hump day” stigma. 

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Encourage carpooling

You have a great team, and you want to strengthen their professional and personal bond while also doing your part to help the environment. Encourage your team to carpool. This may sound old school but it’s very effective and it’s becoming more and more popular – think Uber Pool. Carpooling not only saves money on gas, it also cuts down on emissions and encourages interpersonal friendship within the team.

Rethink your equipment

Whatever industry you’re in, you can still make a big difference by rethinking the equipment you use.  Start by searching for a more conscious alternative. Most entrepreneurs work hard to stay on top of their expenses. It’s worth noting though that most certified green equipment saves on operating costs long term.

Tip:  If you’re in the restaurant industry you can make a big difference to the environment by changing your refrigeration system to industrial refrigeration by ALTA. It eliminates all water use and reduces energy consumption. And the best part is that it’s inexpensive to install and operate.