We all know a woman that oozes a strong sense of self. The one that seems to know exactly who they are. From their family history to the future they’ve mapped out for themselves, they seem sure, confident, and right on track. 

Society echoes this sentiment. 

Whether it’s constantly encouraging young females to be themselves – when they’re not even sure what that means yet – or asking recent graduates what they plan to do with their lives; there’s an expectation that we should be in tune with our authentic selves right out the womb.

But the reality is, figuring out who we are can be a real challenge. With influences coming at us from all sides it can be borderline impossible to figure out your true identity. With that in mind, here are some tips for getting to know yourself a little better.

Know your personal history

To begin to understand who you are it’s important to first know where you came from. Start with your immediate family. Find out about your family history. What those in your lineage were like; what type of work they did and the milestones they accomplished. Even if you’re only able to go back a few generations, it can still lead to amazing discoveries. You’ll gain a better understanding of where you come from and what that might mean for who you truly are.

Tip: If your family history is murky… see if you can trace your heritage through websites like ancestry.com – the more you know about your background, the better understanding you’ll have of yourself.

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Let the universe help 

You may not be into astrology, but you may be able to find out a lot about yourself by exploring your zodiac sign. While I’m not a devout follower, I have found that my personality is very fitting for my birth sign: Libra. I also believe that we are all connected and that the alignment of the stars and galaxies at the time you entered into the world may just hold some significance into who you are and who you’re meant to be.

It’s worth a look.

You may actually learn more about yourself than you expect. Keep an open mind. The path to self-discovery will take you in many different directions.

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Self-discovery exploration

Sometimes the hardest thing about figuring out who you are is trying to ignore all of the influences that surround us every day. Whether it’s our parent’s expectations, societal norms, your significant other’s preferences, or the opinions of our friends, breaking away from all of the things that impact how and what you think can be just what you need to find yourself.

Evolution starts with elimination

In order to truly embrace everything that is unique about you, you need to peel back the layers. That sometimes means setting yourself apart and enduring a little solitude. It’s not necessarily to cut people off, but more to clear your mental and heart space. Schedule time to just be with yourself. Discover your personal likes and dislikes, your definition of success, and what living a life you love really means to you.