If you’re a business owner, you should always expect the unexpected. Many things can go wrong and leave you scrabbling for solutions. It’s how do you deal with those problems, that matters the most.

While unexpected situations can often throw a hiccup in your normal day-to-day operations, they can also provide an opportunity to improve your processes. Many people panic when faced with something new, but that won’t solve the problem. You have the ability to navigate even the toughest problems. Yes, even the most short-notice headaches.

here are a few tips to help you get prepared

Stay Calm

Before you lose your marbles… have a whoosah moment. As the leader of your business, even when you’re faced with a challenge, you need to stay calm. When everyone around you is panicking and overreacting to the situation you need to be able to think clearly. You want to have a clear mind so that you can devise a plan of action that results in resolution, not chaos; which is impossible when you’re in a state of panic.

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Having a tribe is not just for your personal life. When you have other people and entrepreneurs to turn to for support, it can be extremely helpful during difficult times. Curate a list of contacts that you know can be relied on for solid advice, helpful tips, and level-headed brainstorming – especially in emergency situations.

Don’t forget resources.

You don’t just need a strong group of colleagues, mentors, and business besties on that contact list. You also need to be sure that you have contacts with resources for when you find yourself in an untimely situation. This should include a team of volunteers or a staffing agency so that you always have access to extra hands. A computer specialist – because we all need someone to get us out of a tech crunch every now and then. And any other suppliers, vendors, or specialists that service your business or industry. The more people you’ve built solid relationships with, the better. 

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Become a creative thinker and problem solver

Creative thinking will definitely help you out when you’re trying to pull your business out of trouble. Sometimes, thinking outside the box is all it takes to find that vital solution to the problems you’re facing. When you’re a problem solver, you find a way. Instead of just allowing the situation to take over, you figure out how to make it work!

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Prepare for common problems

Prevention is always better than trying to find a cure.

By putting preparations in place for how to deal with problems that come up often, you’ll be able to make sure that you never get ambushed. Think about fires that you’ve had to put out more than one. Which of these issues could you be better prepared for and which can you prevent altogether. 

When you’re faced with the unexpected, it can be frustrating. It’s important though that you don’t hand your power over to the problem. Keep your cool and follow the advice we’ve given, and you’ll be able to pull through.