Now that the holidays are behind us and we’re anxiously awaiting longer days and warmer nights… it’s time to do the prep work for an amazing spring/summer season. If you want to be ready for spring mimosas on the deck and summer BBQ’s with friends, we’ve got a few tips for you!

The lawn

Believe it or not, the best time to prepare your lawn is in the winter. If you want a gorgeous lawn it’s time to show your lawn some love. A lush lawn doesn’t create itself. So, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to handle it for you, be sure that you are using these dormant months to fertilize your lawn and apply weed prevention.

Tip: This is also a good time to check on the seeding timeframe for your favorite annuals. You may be surprised which flowers or bulbs you need to plant in the winter months to have full flower beds in the winter.

lawn prep for the spring and summer

Prepare for pests

The little critters of spring and summer are a pain when it comes to outdoor socializing. No one cares about your plush lawn or colorful flower beds when they’re constantly swatting at mosquitos, gnats, or any winged insects. And let’s not talk about how it feels to see a bug land in your food.

Be sure that you use a pet-friendly insecticide on your lawn. Pay attention to the types of bugs you see every year and grab a pesticide specific to your needs. You’ll also want to load up on citronella outdoor candles and bug spray.

citronella candles are your friend

Make it cozy

Don’t let your outdoor space decor be an afterthought. Create an inviting space with comfortable seating, cushions, and outdoor accessories (think pillows, rugs, and fire pits). For warm cozy nights outside consider a puffy outdoor blanket¬†or decorative throw. Make sure you complete the space and put your own stylish touch on the final look.

make your outdoor space feel homey

Illuminate the space

The simplest and most economical way to set the mood is with lighting. Consider illuminating pathways with solar lights or hanging string lights to frame out spaces. Want to be a little more dramatic? Add candles or torches to add a little favor.

wow with details in your outdoor space

Outdoor cooking

When we think of spring flings and summer get-togethers we also think of food and drinks. But grilling or barb-queuing aren’t your only options. As you start to prepare for the warm season, get creative. Think of alternative food options. Consider hosting a spring platter party or a summer make-your-own bowl meal (think Chipotle style).

Go all out.

Add festival and colorful place settings for your guests. Pick up cute plates and serving dishes in the offseason. You’ll save money and be ready ahead of time.

wow your guests with outdoor food options

Tip: If you’re daring and like to save money… and like a little DIY project every now and then – you can build your own gas grill. All you’ll need is a Gas Oil Drums and a good tutorial and you’re good to go.