Diversity is important. It prevents a society from becoming an echo chamber where only one perspective is heard or valued. Diversity means that women from a wide range of backgrounds can share their experiences and learn from each other’s ideas, perspectives, and cultures.

Diversity is not only necessary but it should be welcomed in all areas of business, beauty, education, health and sciences, technical industries and the arts. Sure, we’ve evolved some but there’s much more work to be done. But there does appear to be an emerging appetite for authentic stories about women and people of color. And while there are certain impediments to the universal appreciation of diversity, it seems that most societies are open to the ways in which respecting and appreciating diversity can enrich their lives.

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That said, there are still certain industries in which women are chronically under-represented. It’s important that the workforce of tomorrow be more inclusive of their skills and abilities – as valued employees or independent contractors. Whether you desire to work as an entrepreneur and build your own business or as a freelancer with a flexible lifestyle in the gig economy, you can learn more right here.

Let’s take look at some of the industries that may interest you and that need more women on the team…

Computer programming

Despite our increasing reliance on digital technology, the world of computer programming and software design is still very much a boys’ club. Only 21.4% of computer programmers are female. Although this one of the more densely populated “non-traditional” career paths for women, we could still use a lot more bright female minds in the digital world.

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Thanks to the efforts of generations of physically and mentally tough women leveling the playing field, a lot of traditional assumptions about women’s capacity for physically demanding labor have been set to rest. Nonetheless, construction remains a vastly underrepresented industry for women. Women only account for an estimated 12.8% of construction workers. It’s time that we got serious about changing that.

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Many of the most important qualities of a firefighter come naturally to most women. Compassion, ingenuity, toughness and calm under pressure. Yet women account for only 5.7% of all firefighters. While some may argue that most women aren’t physically and mentally suited to the physical and emotional demands for the job… It’s pretty fair to say that most men aren’t either. There are plenty of able and ready women who are ready to give back to their community. Could you be one of them?

Aircraft pilots

There are more women than men in the air right now. Unfortunately, 75.8% of them are flight attendants. The female pilot is akin to the unicorn with only 7.2% of women in the profession. Amelia Earhart would likely be shocked to see so few women inspired by her trailblazing example.

It’s widely suggested that most women don’t have enough exposure to flight and aviation as little girls. Therefore, they don’t have the opportunity to experience an “epiphany moment” that would lead to interest in the industry. That could all change with awareness and exposure. It’s important that both girls and boys understand the vast career options available to them!