There will come a time that you will need to breathe a little fresh life into your branding efforts. When you’ve gotten used to doing things a certain way, it can be a little difficult knowing exactly what to add or change to make your marketing more impactful. 

You want your brand to communicate the right message about who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re trying to achieve. This is where it can get a little tricky and you may be lost on how to accomplish that. How do you create a brand that is effective when interpretation, of the message, is subjective to the audience you’re appealing to?

Whether you are looking to reinvent your brand or strengthen your brand presence here are a few tips to help you get started.

know who you’re trying to be

When major companies are developing their brand message, it’s not treated as an afterthought. They take time to craft a well-thought-out brand story. One that is representative of their overall vision and corporate mission. Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur or company head – your process should be just as intense and intentional.

Start here

Write down 3-5 words that describe how you want your target audience to see your brand. Consider these factors:

  • Do you want to be viewed as professional or a thought-leader?
  • Is your brand fun and spunky and you want your potential customers to see you as creative and youthful?
  • Maybe you need to be welcoming and inviting to gain your audience’s trust?
  • Or you’re in a specific line of work where you need to be serious and legit.

Really think about the impression you’re wanting to make. This will provide direction and help you establish a strong foundation for the brand.

You also want to take time to think about who your target market really is. What type of person will your brand, business or blog attract? Why are you marketing to? Potential customers? Industry leaders? Having a strong understanding of who you want to receive your message will save you lots of time and money. You’ll be able to tailor your brand message to the right audience from the start.

tips for building a personal brand

market yourself effectively

Let’s be honest… no matter how beautiful your brand aesthetic is, it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not able to market it effectively. This is not set up shop and press go. No, you will need to be invested in sharing your brand and getting others to pay attention to it.

This is the most important factor – take initiative and promote your brand if you want to establish brand authority, generate interest, increase visibility or sales, and find some new customers. 

  • Set up a website or blog that showcases your expertise or your products/services
  • Complete a social media review to make sure that your social media presence (across all platforms) is a strong representation of your brand message
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, get professional headshots
  • Get promotional products for your upcoming events, grand opening, or vendor sponsorship opportunities. Visit website for samples of impactful promotional items

The goal is for you to create a full marketing strategy that authentically and effectively portrays your brand message to your target audience.

know what you have to offer

We’re all into what we’re into… right? We generally aren’t attracted to a brand or business unless they have something that we want. This is also true for people. We choose who we interact with and engage on a regular basis.  It’s often driven by selfish desires. We naturally seek access to information or look for relationships that will benefit us.

So ask yourself this question: What do I have to offer?

In order to create a strong brand identity, you have to know what makes you different. What is it that sets you apart? Is your product proprietary? Do you write awesome content for your blog or contribute to major publications as a thought-leader? Do you have skills that you’ve learned that you can use to expand the visibility and credibility of your brand?

For example, if you were a corporate executive for many years and now you’re establishing a consulting business, use your inside knowledge to help small businesses grow and watch the value you’re able to provide strengthen your brand as a whole.

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