Time is a deceitful resource. It’s one that feels endless but it isn’t. When you’re young, without any real responsibility, you have free time. Time… that allows you to balance school, friends, and personal development. As you mature, things change, life becomes busier, and most of us find it hard to balance our entrepreneurial pursuits and our personal goals.

The things you’re most passionate about are important. You should have the time to enjoy and explore them. Here are the key areas that need your attention to make it possible. 


Money is generally the first area most people will think about when they’re planning for the future. When you’re an entrepreneur, it can feel like all of the revenue generated should go right back into the business. While it’s true that you should reinvest your profits, it’s up to you to find the balance in your business finances and your personal finances.

Be sure that you are preparing for your life goals too. For example, if one of your goals is to buy a house, you should be preparing for the home buying process financially as well. Pay yourself regularly, keep accurate accounting records, and make sure that your credit is where it needs to be.

Tip: If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, the home-buying process can be a little more complicated than what it is for women with careers and regular direct deposits. You may have to consider alternative financing options with hard money lenders. Know your options, so that you can be ready.


When pursuing your business or career goals, remember that money and success aren’t the only important things in life. Your family and friends deserve your attention as well. Working hard is admirable but if your career becomes all-encompassing, you may find it hard to get away to see the people you love

The truth is that time spent with those you love can improve your mood and ability to focus – an extra bonus for when you’re at work. To avoid getting too busy with work and risk disconnecting from your family, intentionally create opportunities to see them. Even if you’re incredibly busy… especially if you’re incredibly busy.

Tip: Don’t let family time cause you anxiety. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming ordeal. Try scheduling coffee with your bestie, movie night with the one you love, or Sunday brunch with your mom. 


It’s time to think about how you balance your work with the things you enjoy. Ultimately, most of us work hard to make money and achieve financial security. Even when we don’t love what we do, we’ll still do what it takes to survive. There are very few things in life which motivate more than survival.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t need regular me time and mental breaks. Self-care, Netflix binges, traveling or your individual creative outlet (writing, painting… etc.) are all very important to you and your well-being. Make yourself a priority. Make time for you.

Balancing what you love in life with the business or career that you want to make successful can feel like an impossible challenge. Along with the work you do you also have to make time for your financial goals, your family and the things you love. Without this balance, you will start to feel like your entire life is dedicated solely to work and that’s not a very fulfilling life.