Effective marketing is the key to the success of your business, brand or blog. Competition is everywhere and it’s important that you are strategic about standing out and increasing visibility. Most of the time all that’s needed are a few tweaks here and there and you’ll be able to enhance your marketing efforts and start getting the results you desire.

the competition

Although I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t get distracted or off track trying to keep up with your competitor’s efforts, I do believe that you should know what is working for them. This doesn’t mean that run and copy marketing plan. In fact, that’s not at all what you want to do.

Always remember that your brand must be authentic to win the trust of your customers. Your business is never going to stand out if you merely follow what others in your industry are doing.

Instead, make note of patterns like what platforms they are advertising on and how frequently they’re communicating their customers. Also, pay attention to what they are doing wrong so that you don’t make the same mistakes. It’s okay to be inspired by their strategy, but make sure you clearly differentiate yourself from the competition.

social media

Social media marketing is extremely powerful, but only if you use it correctly. With all the recent algorithm changes to Instagram and Facebook, now is a good time to take a good look at your social media activities. Look for areas where there’s room for improvement.

Assess your current efforts.

  • What type of posts have people responded best to?
  • Which posts haven’t done so well?
  • What time of the day do most of your followers engage with you?

Use this information to your advantage. Structure your social media marketing efforts to match up with what your audience likes.

how to market our business without the internet or social media banner - Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog

stay consistent and committed

One of the toughest things about being a new entrepreneur is being consistent when you aren’t yet getting the results you want. A lot of figuring out what works is about trying different things and being flexible with your strategy.

Try a wide variety of methods including:

  • Survey your audience to get an idea of how they like to be communicated with.
  • When creating a marketing campaign using the A/B strategy to test out different design aesthetics to see which your potential customers respond too.
  • Use social media to funnel your followers to your website, blog or store

how are you showing up online?

If you’re growing a brick and mortar business, did you know that most consumers use search engines when they are looking for local information? Did you also know that three in four customers lose trust in a brand if their online listing features incorrect information? This is why accurate online business listings should be a starting point for improving your branding efforts. Take the time to check your current listings to ensure all details are up-to-date, all links work, and that everything is correct.