Everybody wants to achieve financial freedom. However, for a lot of women, that’s easier said than done. Getting your finances in order and working towards your financial goals may seem like a challenge. But just because you’re not where you want to be, doesn’t mean you start now to improve your financial position.

One of the things we generally fail to think about enough is where our goes… how we spend the money that we earn. Sure, you might have a well-paying job or successful business, but if you’re not managing your money correctly, you could end up with empty pockets at the end of each month.

Here are 3 simple ways to start being intentional with your money

Reduce your expenses

We all have to spend money whether we like it or not. Everything from rent and groceries to cell phone service and internet service, spending money is inevitable. However, how much money you spend is very much so within your control.

There are many areas that you can cut back on your expenses, you just have to be open to it. From reducing your monthly rent payment by downsizing or moving to a less expensive location to sticking to a strict weekly food shopping budget, it’s important to put spending boundaries in place.


  • Keep an eye out for sales and specials on expenses like your internet service and energy bills, if you’re able to take advantage of them you’ll be saving money every single month.
  • Compare your insurance coverage with several different companies to make sure that you’re getting the most value and the best price.
  • Put your debit and credit cards away. Studies show that we do not like spending large bills when shopping. So, eliminate the temptation to just put it on a card, and stay true to your goals by using cash.

Open a savings account

If you want to avoid wasting your money, then the best thing to do is to have somewhere to put it. Rather than having unfettered access to all the money you receive, start stashing it away in a dedicated savings account. Having a solid savings account provides a financial safety net to protect you from unexpected emergencies and so that you can breathe easy if money is ever tight. 

Tip: Automate your savings with an app that will help you to stash away money with each purchase or set up an automatic payroll transfer. That way each time you get paid a small percentage or set amount is sent directly to savings. 

Invest it

Once you’ve created a solid budget and have a strong savings set aside, it’s time to start looking at ways that your money can make money for you. You’ll want to seriously consider how to invest your money. From investing in stocks to purchasing real estate for profit, there are plenty of investment options available to you. And yes, every last one of them will have benefits and drawbacks. Weigh the risk against the benefit to decide if the investment is right for you.

For example, when you invest in stock, you have to consider that you will have times that the stock value will dip… but there will also be times that it peaks and make you a nice return. Or if you’re interested in stashing your money away in a high-interest CD, the downside is that you generally have to leave your money untouched in that account for a particular amount of time to get the full return. 

Tip: Don’t become careless with your money, just because you find yourself with a little extra and end up in a risky financial position.