The last thing any homeowner wants is for their property to sit on the market for months. Unfortunately, it happens to a lot of families, especially when they make mistakes during the process. We’ve curated some excellent information for you to assist in selling your home fast!

Quick tips to get your home sold

Decorate in neutral colors

You want to help potential buyers, who view your home, encounter a blank canvas according to sites like When they feel welcome and familiar with a property, it makes it much easier for them to imagine their families living there. And that’s exactly the reaction you want.

Choose a neutral paint color that is bright and crisp. But don’t go too stark – which can feel cold and harsh. Instead, choose a color that is universal and that also highlights the home features (like crown molding, ornate windows, cabinetry…etc.).

Top neutral color options are:

  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Grey Hues
  • Light tan colors 

Once you have chosen the paint color, give the entire interior a fresh coat to ensure you present buyers with a clean and bright environment. Most people who purchase houses will redecorate to their own taste, within a matter of months. Even if they decide later to change the paint color, the important thing is that you created a space that they could envision themselves in – to get your home sold!

Tip: Be sure you know which type of paint works for different wall types and surfaces!

Don’t make it personal

Family photos can often make it more difficult for people to imagine themselves living in the house. For that reason, you should pack them away and place the photos in storage before listing your home on the market. Most real estate agents will tell you to remove personalize items.

You might also want to remove any artwork or similar items that make the house feel like your home. Remember, home decor is subjective and you want potential buyers to be able to see themselves living there. They should easily feel like the property could belong to them, and that’s often challenging when the house contains lots of items related to your family, your design, and your personal preferences.

Consider the alternatives

Sometimes you have to take a look at alternative selling solutions if you want to achieve a quick sale. Consider contacting real estate specialists like those at They help to ensure you sell the home and close quickly. Just be sure to do your research and pay attention to the fine print. 

Tip: Before you sell… consider keeping the house and becoming a landlord. You’ll be able to continue building equity in the home and potentially create an additional stream of income.

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There’s never a guarantee on how quickly your home will sell… but there are a few things that you can do to help speed the process. Hopefully, after reading this post you have a better understanding of how important the buyer’s perception of your home is. It’s important that you create a space that other’s can see themselves in because the ultimate goal is for the house to sell. 

*contributor written post