In today’s economy living (and all the expenses that come along with adulting) can be incredibly expensive. We all have rent or mortgage, transportation costs, food expenses… etc. It takes a lot just to live comfortably. On top of our regular bills and obligations, it’s also important that we make saving and investing a priority – for long-term financial freedom.

No one likes paying bills, but they are inevitable. But there are ways to start being more intentional with your money and start building a healthy nest egg – or free up funds so that you can start to enjoy your life.

Here are a few of our favorite money saving tips to help you get started

Save on your debts

Most of us carry balances on our credit cards, store accounts or loans each month; which means that we’re also accumulating and paying interest. This amount can really add up. In most cases, we end up paying substantially more than we borrowed in the first place. 

The best way to save on your debts is to have a plan. Here’s a complete guide eliminating debt here. Another option is to consolidate credit card debt or other types of debt into one payment, with a consolidation loan. By doing so, you can often save on interest and the total amount that you were paying out monthly overall accounts. 

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Save on your shopping

Let’s be a little honest about how we spend our money… primarily our shopping habits. Do you really need that $4 macchiato or can you make your daily coffee at home? How many times do you actually cook at home each week? Do you honestly use both Netflix and your Amazon Prime subscription?

While some expenses are necessary for both your well-being and your sanity, others you may realize have been flying under the radar. You may be paying for expenses that you no longer need, or want for that matter. Make it a point to avoid unnecessary charges (for things like forgetting to cancel certain services, late fees, or allowing companies to charge you automatically – think subscription boxes).

Stay on top of everything that costs you money. Eat out less (yes, you absolutely can learn how to cook). Take time to review your accounts to see what apps and services you’re mindlessly paying for. For example, I recently realized that I had been paying for HBO an STARZ subscriptions that I wasn’t even using. Notate bill due dates, auto-renew dates, and promotional offer expiration dates in your planner or preferred calendar.

Tip: Call your cable company and try to negotiate your bill. You’ll be surprised how one phone call can save you each month!

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Save on your utilities

Your home may not be energy efficient but you can still find ways too lower your utility expenses.

Your gas bill

The most impactful way to save money on your gas bill is by managing your thermostat. If you’re not at home most of the day, make adjustments so that you’re not wasting money on heating that you’re not even there to enjoy.  

Your electricity bill

So much electricity is wasted every day, from leaving appliances or lights on – when they’re not in use. Look into energy efficient appliances (an energy efficient washer will help you save on your water utility as well). If your home is total electric, you’ll also want to manage your thermostat. Start being mindful to switch off something when you’re done with it. I used to leave my computer on standby every night, now I turn it off each time I leave the office.

Tip: Consider investing in a smart thermostat like Nest. This will allow you to adjust your settings remotely and set a schedule for your heating and cooling.

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