Buying a home or deciding to invest in real estate is a process in itself; but what happens when you want to purchase a home that’s a little off the beaten path. Away from the city and all the hustle and bustle. With real estate prices increasing, this option is becoming more and more appealing to women homebuyers… let’s look at why.

Is It Really Better?

We’ve all seen episodes of TV shows where family moves out into a rural area or relocate to a new city. When it comes to making an off-the-beaten-path move when you’re used to living in the city, you may experience extreme culture shock.  For one, there will be lot fewer people in your immediate environment. For some, this can contribute to a feeling of isolation. Or, for those that thrive in serene environments, you may feel immense peace-of-mind being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A more relaxed way of life can have a positive impact on you and your family.

It More Relaxing?

While there are many reasons to consider a more rural life one of the best reasons is the overall aesthetic. Just the thought of trees, horses, zero traffic, and endless nature is relaxing… right? Less stress isn’t just attributed to the fact that you will leave several environmental stressors behind (traffic, close neighbors, crime… etc), it’s also the effects of seeing natures beauty every morning. Let me supplement this by saying that this only applies if you find nature to be beautiful. Some women find in town living to be their preferred environment. 

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Personal Impact

Moving away from the city means that you’ll come in contact with fewer people. You may experience both positive and negative feelings as a result. Think about it this way, if you’re a mother, living outside the city may appeal to you. You may be thinking about smaller class size in school or safety. On the other hand, you may also be considering the downside – lack of entertainment options, limited social interaction with a wide range of people and perspectives. While you may sometimes experience a feeling of isolation, the truth is that sometimes fewer people mean a stronger sense of community.

Financial Impact

In most cases, when you look outside the city, you will be able to purchase a home that is significantly bigger than what you could afford in the city. Since your home is often your largest expense, saving on your rent or mortgage allows you allocate money to debt repayments, savings, financial freedom, or retirement.

Tip: You may also achieve savings on miscellaneous expenses like car insurance – believe it or not, your zip code has influence over your insurance costs.

Career Concerns

This is often a major concern for many women: what career options will I have if I move outside the system. If you’re already established in your job… you may be thinking of the daily commute. Consider speaking to your employer about working remotely a few times a day or full-time. If your employer isn’t very flexible consider a mindset shift.

For example: if you live in the city, you may still have to deal with an awful daily commute, even if you only live 10-15 miles away from your job. Weigh each option evenly. Is the commute from your rural home really as bad as your thinking?

If you’re considering moving out a little further by yourself, with a loved one, or with a family in tow, there are many things to consider; some may not appeal to you. That’s perfectly normal. Living a more relaxed way of life, saving money and escaping some of the stress of city living are only a few of the reasons to consider a move outside city limits.

What’s most important is that it work for you. Be true to yourself. Know what environments you thrive in and know which ones you don’t… and explore your options.