You may think that having a logo and a website that you’re all ready to build a business. It’s understandable. Everyone is talking about brand aesthetic and having a responsive website. But when it comes to building a profitable business there’s a little more it to than that.

Don’t think that you can just set up shop and then hope that potential customers find you. Marketing is a key component of any businessBeing a successful business owner means constant marketing and promoting your product or service, with the goal of increasing visibility and converting visitors to customers.

Not a marketing pro?… or not sure where to start? Read our mini-guide here.

Then, check out these 2 quick tips to get you started

Social Media

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective and easily integrated way to start promoting your business.  

Any strategy you implement for your business should move you closer to the ultimate goal – to grow your business.  Before you get started though you want to be sure that your plan has you on the right track, you need to get clear on what your goals are. Your social media goals should be specific and detailed. Things like “increase my followers” or “get more likes” are not sufficient for a true social media marketing plan.

Instead, consider these questions: 

  • Do you want your social accounts to convert your followers into paying customers?
  • Is the goal to position yourself as a thought leader?
  • Are you looking to build a strong, engaged community?

Choose your key objective and form your strategy around that goal. This will keep your efforts both focused and effective. Once your goals are clear, you’ll want to implement a targeted consistent posting schedule. Be sure to engage with your follows and share valuable content that drives new followers to want to get to know more who you are or what you offer.

Tip: Make sure your social media is working for you. Don’t just post static content to your accounts. Find and engage your target audience. Here are a few things you can do for free to reach your target market.

  • Join Twitter chats that would appeal to your ideal customer.
  • Look for Facebook groups to join that will allow you to get in front of fresh faces that will benefit from your knowledge and expertise.Be careful not to only join groups that consist of others that are in your field (writers, freelancers, entrepreneurs… etc.) unless they are your target market because you’ll find yourself among peers instead of in front of those that will actually support your business or purchase your products.
  • Follow hashtags that are relevant to our brand/business on Instagram, so that you can engage on posts that catch the attention of your target market. You’ll see new posts that are posted with that specific hashtag and be able to post a meaningful comment for others to see.

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If you’ve been looking for inexpensive ways to increase your website’s visibility, don’t forget about SEO – search engine optimization. It’s the easiest way to increase organic traffic to your website, for free. What that means is that when your website and content are optimized, your information will show up in the search results of people that search for phrases or keywords similar to the content you create.

For example, if you write a blog post on goal setting to promote your upcoming ebook, you want the search engine (most likely, Google) to show your post as a result to someone searching the phrase “goal setting” or “how to set effective goals”.

If you’re new to SEO, use website/blog plugins to start implementing SEO into your content, product listings, and website copy.