Every business wants to make sure that they’re making as many sales as possible. But the way that we all go about that individually will be different. Not only because of the kinds of businesses that we have but because the way our customers will buy from us will be different too.

However, if you do find yourself in a position where you’re not able to generate the level of sales that you’re expecting, or if you’re growth has slowed, you may want to look into ways that you can strengthen your sales process. While not every avenue may work for you, it’s worth looking into the different ideas that can help you along the way.

Here 5 ways to improve your sales process


One of the first things you should do is take a closer look at your data. It’s your goldmine. Analyzing data is something not everyone does, but they should. Your analytics will always provide you with very valuable information. You’re going to want to use it in order to improve the way you generate sales. You’ll be able to identify key characteristics of your target market and better understand what sells for you and what doesn’t. 


Next, think about how you can improve your products. Sometimes, the reason you’re not making the level of sales you desire is that you aren’t offering your customers what they want or need. The purpose of your products should always be to meet a customer need. Do market research, make tweaks to ensure that your creation meets a need or void in the market, and is not just a good idea. 


If you’re in the business to business market, be intentional about improving your business relationships. You’ll find that as your business grows, you’ll rely on them more and more to generate more sales. However, when your relationships aren’t as strong as they should be, your sales may suffer. Keep your suppliers happy, so that when you need to expand production you’ll experience the perks of having strong business connections (discounts, preferential treatment… etc.).

Tip: Be sure to let your suppliers, contractors, and partners know that you’re available for new business. You never know where your next big contract will come from.

Alternative Marketing

Consider alternative marketing methods to increase your sales. For example, look into creating a new direct mail campaign. These are particularly effective in business to business marketing efforts. For direct mail campaigns to be effective, you’ll want to specifically target your potential customer. For example, if you’re a mortgage loan originator you’ll want to look into mortgage mailing lists – not generic mailing lists that cover a large indiscriminate group of people.

Online Offers

Finally, you’ll want to look to your website to improve the sales funnel. Are your current online offers or sales promotions prominent and easy to take advantage of? Don’t limit yourself. Different offers resonate with different customers. Try offering free delivery when spending (more than) a set amount, to increase your average order value. Or consider offering a specific percentage off your total purchase to increase impulse buys from your customers.