When it comes to your career, you may find that you’re following a path without really knowing where it’s taking you. It happens to a lot of us. Because it’s only natural to get into a rhythm of life… every move isn’t always strategic or planned and it’s easy to get into a normal routine.

However, at some point, you may become unhappy with your career. Whether you want to grow in your current career path or move into something more in line with your dreams, you will need to make a choice. Work can be stressful.

Let’s be honest, it’s the one thing you spend most of your life doing. It’s essential for you to ensure that you’re on the right path.

Let 2018 be the one that you finally get on track

You’re going to want to think about where you want to be. Then, work on getting yourself there. It’s time to consider the key choices you’ll need to make, to make it happen.

Pursue Your Passion

Let’s take a look at how you can follow your passion within your career. This is something that many of us want to do, but don’t know where to start. Let’s take a look at how you can get started.

Consider Your Career Options

Just because you have specific passions life, doesn’t always mean it will be easy to find a suitable career path easily. Seek out viable career options for your passion. To do this, you’re going to need to work out what you love to do and research the career options that would be a good fit. For example, if you love to write you may pursue a broad range of career paths from journalist to freelance writer to author.

Match Up Your Skills

Now that you have a list of options for your next career move, you are going to need to be realistic about which ones to pursue. The most viable options are the ones that you’re currently qualified for. It’s going to be useful to identify your skills and match them up to your career options. Even if you have to start at entry-level, remember it’s worth it to do work you love.

Up Your Experience

You now have a better picture of the path you’re about to pursue, it’s time to start making moves. You won’t be able to move into your dream career overnight – you’re going to need to prepare for it. That means getting experience in your industry of choice. Keep an open mind. Experience can come through volunteering, entry-level work, or cross-training. 

Follow The Money

Maybe you really want to work on increasing your income over the next twelve months? Whether you’ve got a degree or not, read more on that here, you can. Here’s how.

Choose The Right Industry

It’s safe to say, that there are some industries that have a reputation for paying well, such as finance, law, and medicine. There are other industries that are considered low wage jobs such as service. When you lack work experience, your best bet is always going to be to choose an industry that has the most earning potential for your lack of skill. You may have to start at the bottom, but you can always work your way up. 

Aim For That Promotion

Whether you’re moving into a new industry or looking to move up in your current career path, the goal should be to get promoted. Because when you’re hoping to earn more, you’re going to want to move up – your pay raise potential is always going to be limited when you remain in the same role. Always be in position for your next promotion or openings that offer you upward career movement.

Don’t Be Afraid To Jump Ship

Another way to ensure that your career choice means you earn more is to be flexible with where you work. It’s okay to be committed to one company or industry, but if the pay is limited, it’s not a smart long-term decision to stay. Instead, get comfortable with the idea of changing industries or companies in order to better your career path and increase your earnings.

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Further Your Career

Sometimes, you’re happy right where you are. When you love your job, but you want to make sure that you are progressing, here are a few things to consider.

Have A Plan

The best way to progress in your job is to ensure that you have a career plan in place – a five-year career plan. You need to first know where you want to be, in order to work the steps backward to get there. It is possible to further your career without a plan, but it may take a little longer. With a plan, you’ll be able to work through actionable steps to get you to where you want to be.

Prove Your Worth

You’re going to have to work for your advancement. Remember, no one else is going to do it for you. At the company you work for you have to make sure that you’re making waves, working hard, and proving your worth in order to further your career.

Step Towards A Key Goal

Stay on track. Even the best-laid plans won’t always work, but you still have to try. If you’re not working on the steps towards your end goal, you won’t advance in your career.

The Ultimate Guide for Crushing Your Career Path

Go It Alone

You may be thinking about setting up your own business. Entrepreneurship is often a dream for many, so maybe now is the time for you to take a leap and bet on yourself? Let’s see how.

Do Your Homework

The first step is to do thorough market research. It’s easy to want to get started with your business plans, but rushing won’t always be the best way to success. Even if it takes you months or the entire year, doing your homework for your new business will allow you to get it right, make the best decisions, and get set up properly. 

Have Backup

Before you set up your company and work on it full-time, you need a backup plan in place. By backup plan, we’re referring to substantial savings. It’s important to be financially protected when you go into business for yourself. Consider keeping your job when you first get started. Keep working on your business idea in your spare time, take the leap when you’re financially ready.

Give It Your All

Finally, you’re going to want to give this everything you’ve got. Because no business that is half-heartedly put together is going to rocket its way to the top. The harder you work, the luckier you’ll become. Success takes work. You’re going to want to put a lot of love, time, and attention into this to get it to take off. In the end, you may find that this could be the smartest career choice you’ve ever made.