I love affirmations.

I’m completely obsessed with the idea that we can change the trajectory of our lives by changing how we think and what we believe about ourselves. Since our thoughts are rooted in our beliefs which primarily come from repetitious exposure – intentionally speaking happiness, love and abundance in our lives should be a daily ritual.

I’m going to teach you to craft your own powerful affirmations.

Writing an affirmation is fairly simple. You want to start with a little self-reflection and introspective thinking. Explore what isn’t working in your life… so that you can affirm how you want things to be instead.

a transformation of words

“Things are never going to change” transforms to “Things are constantly getting better for me as I am attracting peace, prosperity, and joy to my life every day”
“I hate my job” transforms to “I love the work that I do every day and I am constantly manifesting new opportunities”
“I never seem to be able to get ahead” transforms to “I attract money, resources, and opportunities every day and I find joy in the simple pleasures I experience every day”

You get it, right? The concept is to choose that thing in your life that’s not quite where or how you want it to be and then change it! Take all things negative and transform them into positives.

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here are a few affirmation prompts to help you get started

I am –

These are two of the most powerful words in the English language. Think about how they help you to embody whatever it is that you’re saying. It’s the difference between saying ‘My name is Tiffany Nicole’ and saying ‘I am Tiffany Nicole’. See the difference?

Use this prompt to start creating the person that you want to become. Use your unlimited potential and creativity to craft ‘I am‘ statements that reflect who you wish to be.

I am thankful for –

Having a heart of gratitude is an easy way to raise your vibration. By being grateful for your current state, you open yourself up to attract more of what you want in life. Think about it this way: every time you exercise thankfulness, you give the universe permission to keep blessing you.

I attract (insert your hearts desires) –

This prompt is to help you start visualizing and manifesting what you really want out of life. It doesn’t have to represent material things… use this prompt to welcome love, serenity, friendships… whatever you need or want more of.

When you are clear on what you want out of life… and why you want it, you start to attract it.

I forgive –

Forgiveness is powerful. The act of forgiving is such a freeing act. When you choose to forgive others (or yourself) you choose peace and you eliminate the hold unforgiveness has on your heart.

I am open to –

To be open means that you’re allowing yourself to be pliable and not rigid. When you are open it means that you are: open to understanding all perspectives, open to seeing things differently, open to letting go and moving one, open to dreaming without limits… open to change and your personal evolution.

Being open is like fertilized soil that has been prepared for the planting. It’s the foundation of you becoming who you’re meant to become.

I can –

Your life may not look like what you envisioned it would be. Maybe you’ve missed a few milestones that you had mapped out for yourself or maybe you just got completely off track. You may not be where you want to be, but you can surely start going in the right direction.

You have the ability to be, to experience, and to have anything that you can imagine. Use this prompt to reinforce your internal belief that you can achieve your dreams and live a life you love.

I release –

We all experience feelings of overwhelm and despair. It’s what you do with it that matters. I’ve found that the best thing to do is to surrender. Simple release it and allow yourself to let it go.

Use this prompt to release feelings, thoughts, people or situations that are holding you back or keeping you down. List out what you need to release in your life right now. Say it out loud, boldly and with intention. Then visualize yourself setting it free… like a bird from a cage.