When trying to build a new business and create a strong brand presence, you are likely already familiar with the most common practices. Brand color schemes, logos, web design and product packaging are all familiar ways to set yourself aside from the competition. And while your brand aesthetic and experience is what draws people in and gets their attention – there are many ways to use it to get noticed.

Social media and online advertising are both cost-effective ways to attract potential customers. From paid ads to influencers featuring your product(s) in an unboxing experience, the ways to share your brand or business with the world are growing by the day. But what matters the most is what’s actually effective for your business.

There are a few components to creating a strong brand that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Depending on the type of business you’re in, you may be ignoring these key areas that have the potential to be game-changing for your bottom line. 

Direct Mail is not Dead

Everywhere you look there’s an ad. Even free apps on your smartphone feature advertisements. We see them so frequently that it’s easy to understand why we’re becoming immune to them. That’s what makes direct mail stand out. For a few moments, you have the opportunity to have the complete attention of your potential customer.

Think about it this way: Sally grabs her mail out of the mailbox and places it on her desk at home. Later that evening she goes through each piece. She comes across your sales mailer that highlights the current specials at your day spa and she immediately goes to her computer to check out your website.

This won’t happen every single time but direct mail still yields great low-cost results. That’s why all major retailers still use it. When’s the last time you received a mailer from Victoria Secrets, Macy’s, Kroger… etc. It’s because it works!

Tip: Be sure to use a copywriter that is experienced in sales copy. Your wording could mean the difference between a customer tossing your mailer or making a purchase, so make it good. Also, before you think that you can DIY your mailers, don’t! Use a professional print service like Letterprinting.net – you want to have good print quality so that your mailers look professional.


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Branded and Promotional Items

Giving away promotional items at events or as part of a marketing campaign can be very beneficial for your business. It makes you look generous – everybody loves free! But it also acts as constant marketing for you.

Every time the young lady you gave a mug to drinks coffee from it, while at work, guess what happens? Most of the office gets to see it. Someone may even ask her about it.  Or even better, she’s regularly reminded of your brand.

tips for building a personal brand

Consider including an inexpensive promo item with each order. Customers will love receiving something extra. Branded pens and pencils are very popular right now, just check out the latest flat lay trends. And since writing utensils are one of the most frequently accidentally stolen items, you’ll get more eyes on your promo pens then you think.

Just think about how many times people will ask you for a pen and never return it. People are prone to putting them in their pocket or keeping them in their hand after signing something. If people are going to accidentally take pens, you might as well get some free advertising out of it.

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