I believe that change is good. The idea of experiencing something new and expanding the landscape of life is fascinating to me. I recently had a conversation with someone that was offered a promotion with their job. The career move would also be a relocation to another state and she seemed terrified of the idea. The more we spoke about it, the more I realized that she just needed a little perspective, guidance, and a few tips on how to handle everything.

The truth is we all know that starting a new position is already stressful enough. Add in having to uproot your life and move to a new place and the notion can easily become overwhelming. But life is about living and sometimes it’s worth taking risks and being brave, to see what you’re truly capable of; Especially when there’s the potential to have some amazing experiences along the way.

It also helps if you’re moving for a job you love – or one that offers upward momentum for your career path. If you need to, make that your primary focus until you feel better about the move itself. By focusing on the positives you’ll be in the right headspace to enjoy the process of moving, rather than loathe it.

Here are a few of my tops tips for making the process of moving to a new place for your career a little easier and less stressful.

Negotiate relocation benefits

If you’re making the move for your employer, be sure to discuss what relocation benefits they can offer you. Many larger companies have relationships with relocation firms and are able to offer relocating employees some incredible perks. Smaller companies are sometimes able to reimburse some of their new employees’ relocations costs when they are moving to take a role within their company. Before you accept a job offer, promotion or transfer take the time to discuss the relocation benefits that you will be offered. You want to know exactly what you can expect from your employer, prior to making a final decision.

Tip: This information is not always offered upfront – so be sure to ask in-depth questions about what benefits are available to you.

Do your research

So you’ve decided to accept the offer, now what?

As soon as you know where you will be moving, take the time to start researching the local area. You want to do thorough research on the communities and neighborhoods that are available to you. It’s easy to find a new home, what’s a bit more complicated is finding a home and area that you love.

Tip: Be sure that you have a clear understanding of your potential living costs and that your new salary will allow you to live comfortably. 

If you can, be sure to visit the area at least twice beforehand. It is important that you are able to spend some time there before you agree to move. You want to experience the area in the evening and on the weekends to truly gauge the activity, noise, and traffic levels. You want to get a good feel for the community and get to know the local area. After all, you will be living there. 

Your current home

If you own your current home and you’ve decided to sell it, don’t rush the process. Many people get anxious about selling their homes and leave money on the table. This is not a mistake you want to make. Don’t try to go it alone. Make sure you have professional help. Hire a realtor that’s familiar with relocation transactions. 

Tip: Don’t know where to start? Use resources and websites like realtor.com or The Bartikoski Group.

While you do want a quick sale you don’t want to compromise on price. 

If you think it may take longer than normal to sell your home or if you just want a little reassurance in the process, you want to talk to your employer. It is worth it to know if they offer assistance in this area. Some employers have relationships with property buying companies or relocation companies that facilitate the sale of your current home and the purchase of your new one.  Some larger corporations may offer to purchase your home outright and sell it later – allowing you to relocate more quickly and with peace of mind. 

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Yes to new friends

One of the things that cause people concern for relocating is leaving behind friends and family. You have a strong tribe… and having to build a new network of friends probably seems overwhelming. You’ll have to open up to the idea of meeting new people and creating new relationships.

If you see it as a fresh start… a new beginning more than a loss of those you left behind, the process of establishing new authentic friendships will be much easier.

Tips: Be sure to check your online network too… some of your favorite social media connections may live in your new city. 

Start by getting out and enjoying the local scene. Attend a few networking events and look for smaller events in your area. It’s easy to get lost at larger events and be just another ticket holder. You want to have the opportunity to meet others and smaller gatherings often offer a more familiar environment for true connection.

Give yourself time

Release your unrealistic expectations. Remember that you’re moving somewhere new, maybe even unfamiliar and you will need time to adjust. As you’re planning your move, schedule some time off. Try not to start work immediately. Give yourself a few days, or a week, to take it all in and learn a little about your new community.

Spend time decorating your new home, meeting your neighbors, and learning the surrounding area. If you have children, you’ll want to explore schools, parks, and local programs that will help their transition be easier. Moving is never easy but it can be fun. It’s a new adventure.

Take your time. Give yourself time. You’ve just uprooted yourself and your life. Just remember that you are adaptable and that with change always comes new opportunities!