I used to speak about the worst-case scenario… and say I was being a realist. Rationalizing to myself that I was preparing for what might be…

… just in case.

It’s easy to think that we’re guarding ourselves against disappointment by only speaking to what we think will happen… what we have convinced ourselves to be the worst possible outcome.

But that wasn’t the case at all.

In fact, I was giving up all power to doubt, fear, and negative thinking. I didn’t understand how important spoken words were to my core beliefs. Sure, I spoke affirmations in the morning… but if we’re being honest, the rest of the day my words were filled with defeat and acceptance of mediocrity. I would find myself saying things like “I’d be happy if I could just pay my bills on time” or “I hate my life” or “I feel like this is never going to happen”. While this was far from the truth, it was all I could believe for, at that time; which, in hindsight, was strange because I knew the power of words and the role they played in manifesting an amazing life.

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I first learned about the power of words in my early twenties. I was a 20-something mom of 4. The girl everyone felt sorry for and thought would be a complete failure. I was judged, criticized and discarded. I knew what people thought of me… but I couldn’t shake the feeling in my gut that said that I was meant for more.

One day, I started telling everybody, including myself, who I was going to be (despite what my life looked like), what I was going to accomplish, and the type of man I was going to marry.

I received endless smug looks and many side eyes… and tons of ‘good counsel’, on why my goals may have been a little too lofty for my apparently dire situation. My own half-sister told me that my very specific list of what I wanted in a husband (and father to my children) was too unrealistic – that I should rethink a thing or two.

I was crushed at first; but not for long.

Those moments became my motivation. All that doubt being hurled at me at once is how I realized that I had to believe in myself, even when no one else did. I focused on the life I wanted… not the life I was living. When things got tough, I would allow myself to cry, scream, and cry some more; and then, I would dry my eyes and speak to each situation as if it were already resolved. I stood in my greatness… before I even knew what it meant. And I began to manifest a life I loved and the (exact) husband I was believing for.

All that doubt being hurled at me at once is how I realized that I had to believe in myself, even when no one else did. Click To Tweet I focused on the life I wanted... not the life I was living. Click To Tweet

It all started with the words that I was speaking over my life. So a few months ago, when I found myself (again) doubting my ability and the outcome of my future, I had to remind myself that words are powerful. I needed to remember that words form a foundation of sorts – the base on which your future self is built. They fortify the thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself.

Your actions and habits chase what you believe in your heart and that’s where manifestation begins. It starts with what you’re speaking over your life.  

I started aligning what I was speaking about myself with what I believed about who I was meant to be and the life I knew that I was designed to live. I didn’t get distracted by what was currently happening. I wasn’t moved by what I couldn’t control. I stayed focused on what I wanted my life to be.

The more I recited those words (no matter what things looked like), the more my life began to change… and now I find myself living a life that keeps getting better and better. I am literally watching my dreams unfold before my eyes – because I believe that I was destined for greatness. I speak only love, happiness, peace, and abundance over my life and I am intentional about correcting thoughts that don’t line up with the overall vision for my life… and I want the same for you.

I created the 21 Collection to help you embrace and explore the power of words for yourself… knowing that once you understand how important the words you speak into your life are, you’ll be empowered to build a bold, beautiful and brilliant life you love.

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