Tiffany Nicole Forever Podcast Ep 20

There’s always something… work responsibilities, personal errands, meal prep and an endless list of things-to-do. Life never fails to present us with busy work. Most of us are adaptable. We take on as much as we can and then pretend that we’re not totally and utterly stressed out from all the pressure we put on ourselves.

When you’re trying to get ahead or stay above water, ignoring what needs to be done is not an option, but a proper mental break is. We live in a world where those that lack sleep and run on coffee are applauded for their commitment to success… and self-care always ends up on the backburner. But the truth is you are at your best when you are fully charged, focused and refreshed.

If you read that and thought, I’m none of those things… it may be time for a mental break.

5 absolute ways to know you’re in need of a mental break

1 – focused on the past | stressed about the future

2 – self-love is on the shelf… literally

3 – sleep evades you (even when you’re tired)

4 – you’re sick… a lot

5 – emotionally drained is the understatement of your life

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Tiffany Nicole Forever Podcast - Ep 20

Tiffany Nicole Forever Podcast - Ep 20