Having big dreams and goals is essential to your personal growth. It’s the fuel that keeps you moving forward in life. When you have a goal, an ultimate destination, it’s so much easier to move in that direction. But having lofty goals can be both exciting and terrifying.

On one hand, you’re eager to get started, make changes, and start checking off milestones. But on the other, you may be fearful of failure and the hardships that can often accompany taking a leap of faith. Everything that happens next is based on your mindset.

For example: if one of your goals is to start a new business, you need an entrepreneur’s mindset – meaning that you stop thinking like an employee or consumer and shift to seeing yourself as the boss. Same goes for other goals you may have. If you want to be debt-free you have to shift your thinking to someone who is financially responsible and intentional about creating a wealthy lifestyle.  

Here are our top tips for setting your goals and creating a mindset ready to achieve them!

What’s the ultimate goal?

All goals are leading you somewhere.

  • What type of life do you desire for yourself?
  • What’s the big picture?

You want to be clear on how you picture your life progressing. Because then you know what you need to expose yourself to, to mentally prepare yourself to evolve into the person you see yourself becoming.

For example: if you want to live a grand lifestyle that includes an opulent home with a view and gorgeous landscaping, but you currently live in a 1 bedroom apartment – it’s time that you start exposing yourself to the type of lifestyle that you desire. Go tour open houses in high-end neighborhoods. Read books on people that have created the type of life that you want to live. Go online and look up the most expensive homes ever sold.

The whole point is to start exposing yourself to a different way of living so that you truly believe that you can achieve the goals that you have. 

Know what you want to achieve

It’s easy to think about the general goals that you have for your life. You may have already decided that you want to lose a few extra pounds or that you want to redecorate a room. But goal setting should be a much deeper process that starts with the end in mind.

Think about where you see yourself going and what you ultimately want to achieve. Every other milestone should be an extension of this much bigger goal. Don’t just say you want to become a certified Yogi in 2019 – list the steps needed for you to get there.

What do you need to do in the next 12 months to align yourself with that goal?

What do you need to accomplish?

Do you need to have money saved to take advanced courses?

Will you need new yoga clothes?

Will you need a specific amount of time set aside weekly to practice your craft?

What Do You Need To Make It Happen?

Now, it’s time to get even more specific. Most of the time when we set goals we don’t have all the resources needed to make them happen right away – or we would have done it already, right? Drill down into the details. Do you need to earn more income? If so, how can you make that happen? A new job, a side hustle, expanding your business? If you think a side hustle is where you want to start, consider what type of freelance work you want to do or the type of product that you want to sell. Force yourself to really think it all through. Each answer should lead to another question until you have a starting point that you can embark on immediately. 

Each answer should lead to another question until you have a starting point that you can embark on immediately.

Hold Yourself Accountable?

Don’t do what most of us do every year. Don’t write out your goals, get started, and abandon them or make them an afterthought. Set yourself up for success by putting in a system of accountability. That may mean finding an accountability partner or having weekly or monthly check-ins. You need to be able to measure your process regularly and ensure that you are making progress.

Goals are merely the contents of the master plan to become the best version of yourself and create a life that you love. Don’t just write down a bunch of fluff goals only to revisit the same list year after year. This time, be intentional with what you want to accomplish!