Secrets to manifesting

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t desire to manifest their dream life.

Makes a lot of sense… I mean whose life wouldn’t be better with a padded bank account, a home they love, or supportive and loving relationships? But there’s a deeper reason that you value and desire these things. It’s not necessarily the thing itself that you’re after. It’s how you think having what you long for will make you feel. So, let’s examine the reason why these things are important to you… The real reason behind the desire.

So, let’s examine the reason why these things are important to you… the real reason behind the desire.

In order to attract the life you want, you must believe that you already have it.

In order to attract the life, you want, you must believe that you already have it. Click To Tweet

You have to create the feeling(s) that you think it will bring.  Let me give you an example… have you ever noticed when you stop complaining and start appreciating what you have – consistently living in gratitude – that favor and abundance start to show up in unexpected ways? Here’s why: while most of us believe that when we have more, we will all of a sudden be more grateful, appreciative… happy – the opposite is actually true. In order to attract more, we must create that state of mind first. When we decide to practice gratitude and find happiness in our current situation… We begin to manifest more.

In this post, I’m going to expose the 2 simple steps to manifesting.

1 – Getting clear on how having the desires of your heart will make you feel

2 – Identifying how to invoke that feeling in your life, right now!

1 – what’s the core feeling

Step one

Let’s identify the feelings you’ve associated with having your desired manifestation.Think about it this way: how will the thing that you want make you feel once you have it. Use this sentence as a guide.

Think about it this way: How will the thing that you want make you feel once you have it? Use this sentence as a guide.

Use this sentence as a guide:

“I desire to have (insert the desired manifestation) because it will make me feel (insert feelings associated with having the desired manifestation).”


“I want a new home because it will make me feel at peace, safe, accomplished” or “I want to be in a relationship because it will make me feel loved, desired, and complete.”

This is a simple yet revealing exercise for understanding what you’re really seeking.


2 – how to create the desired feeling in your current state

Step two

Now that you’re clear on the feelings that you want to experience, it’s time to discover how to create those feelings in your life, right now.

When you understand how to cultivate the same feelings even when you don’t yet have your manifestation, you put yourself in position to attract the things you want.

Let’s examine the relationship example we used in step one – What could you do differently to start to feel loved, desired and complete?

Drawing a blank?

… Consider these questions:

You want to feel loved, but do you regularly practice self-care and have a self-love ritual? Do you surround yourself with people who love you and have your best interests at heart?

You want to feel desired, but are you truly open to new connections and do you consistently invest in doing things that make you feel attractive?

You want to feel complete, but what is it specifically that you believe you’re missing? Are you living a full, fearless and adventurous life… or are you waiting for that special someone to show up first?

The work is simple and costs you nothing but thought, a little creativity and a lot of personal insight. As you start to implement new behaviors and thoughts, that cultivate the feelings you desire, you’ll begin to manifest the thing(s) that you originally associated those feeling with. Because you’ll be in full alignment with the desires of your heart.

I’ve created the perfect worksheet, Secrets to Manifestation, that you can download now and print out to help guide you through this process.

secrets to manifesting worksheet

Let me know your thoughts & what you’re manifesting, in the comments!