I believe that some portions of your life should be all about you. I used to think that I was ‘resting’ on the weekends when actually I was just catching up on errands that I didn’t get to the week before. I’ve always struggled with work/life balance.

I’m the girl that puts wayyyyyy too much on my plate and then guilt trips myself about not getting it all done in the unrealistic timeframe that I planned for. Despite all of that insanity, I am adamant about taking out time for myself. Carving out self-care time has become non-negotiable. Because no matter how hard you try, you can’t pour from an empty cup and burnout is a very real thing.

Self-care weekend by Tiffany Nicole

One of the first lessons I learned (& probably the most important) about self-care is that most of all you need to allow yourself to just be

There are days that my mornings start off really slow… I mean slow like no alarm clock, please bring me coffee in bed, don’t even knock on my door because I’m reading until I pass back out… slow. Or, let’s get real, sometimes I have entire days of slow, no commitments, no real clothes or makeup, and all-day binge-watching Netflix and I have no regrets about it.

It’s easy to get so caught up in being busy that we forget to just be… Relax, unwind, take it easy. Everything doesn’t have to be rushed, scheduled, or a priority!

It’s 1000% okay to take this time just for you and not feel guilty about it. Respite is necessary.

It’s 1000% okay to take this time just for you and not feel guilty about it. Respite is necessary. Click To Tweet

Self-care be a Staycation

I work from home… I get cabin fever A LOT. Sometimes all I need is a change of scenery, a break from the norm – something different. And no, I don’t break the bank account to make it happen. I’ve realized that most times all I need is to get out and explore the city. Thank Instagram for tempting me to try locally owned restaurants (that serve photo-worthy dishes), or consignment stores in ritzy areas (they have the BEST finds), or keeping it simple and visiting art galleries for the afternoon… This is your time for adventure and spontaneous, and doing your normal errand running, stuck in traffic, mall shopping routine isn’t going to cut it.

Love your kitchen and it will love you back

Yep, I said it.

Until you experience it, you won’t truly understand how therapeutic your kitchen can be! Cook a meal that causes you to break out a cookbook (or Pinterest)! Think about it… All during the week, we eat in a rushed pace. Sometimes we even dread the process of cooking because we start to see it as a chore… just another thing to get done. But it’s the weekend, let’s make it an event.

Trust me

Invite someone over (friend, Bae, Boo) and break out that bamboo cutting board that you haven’t touched since you bought it. When you’re not in a hurry and the wine is flowing, you’ll find that you enjoy the process and I promise you’ll thank me later!

Oh and check out my current cookbook obsession: Thug Kitchen (don’t worry it’s just a name)!

What’s your go-to ritual for the weekend? What do you do to make sure that you are refreshed and renewed for the week ahead? Share your tips in the comments!

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