If you’ve ever researched how or if affirmations work, you’ll find a variety of opinions, both positive and negative. I’ve read countless posts and comments from people stating that they didn’t get the desired result from affirmations, even after using them for an extended period of time.

I’ve heard and seen statements like:

“I tried saying affirmations and they did nothing for me.”

“I really wanted to believe that affirmations would work, and while they may work for others, they didn’t work for me.”

“Saying the same thing over and over again, every day isn’t going to change my life.”

Here’s the thing: Whether they realize it or not, they are already affirming something in their lives.

Examine those sentences carefully and you’ll find that at the core of each statement is an affirmation. Probably not exactly what they intended to affirm in their life, but an affirmation nonetheless.

“They did nothing for me.”

“They may work for others. They didn’t work for me.”

“Isn’t going to change my life.”

There is no differentiation between what or how you affirm the things that you desire in your life. Good or bad, you manifest what you speak from your mouth and what you believe in your heart. An affirmation is not contingent on you choosing growth, positivity, or happiness. The process of affirming something – anything – is what makes those things a reality in your life!

Affirmation Mindset

If what you want for yourself is far from your current situation, you must be committed and consistent in affirming the life that you want. Always remember, it’s not that what you want is difficult to manifest, it’s that you have to renew your mind, transform your current way of thinking, take action – to support the things you affirm, and embrace that you are worthy of the changes that you desire. You must truly BELIEVE what you are speaking into your life. Honestly, that can take work on your part.

For example, if you currently live paycheck to paycheck and have never saved more than $1000, then affirming that you’re a multi-millionaire may be a stretch… not for the universe but for you! Instead, start with affirmations that speak to your next level. Begin by affirming that you have more than enough to not only pay your bills but to also create a substantial saving and eliminate all your debt.

How to create a mindset for affirmation manifestation

Sounds simple enough… right?

To be honest, it is. But the part that we often forget is that our beliefs, our thoughts, and our habits are deeply rooted in our culture, our education, our traditions, and our conditioning. We need to affirm what we want in our lives daily (and substantially) before we can expect to uproot doubt, fear and lack from our hearts and minds; and begin to reap the benefits of our efforts.

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