Being a blogger is difficult but being a female blogger is even harder because the industry is male-centric. Until there is equality, minorities will always have to deal with things the guys won’t. To make it to the top, then, lady bosses need to overcome adversity even when they are in charge.

A passion to succeed is one characteristic which sets a successful blog-her out from the rest. However, it’s only the beginning of a long and winding road because a variety of character traits is a must.

Which ones are most significant to your success? … which are most synonymous with female bosses? Keep reading for your answer.


Before the firing gun goes off, the odds are not stacked in a woman’s favor. In truth, they aren’t in anyone’s favor because the number of blogs today is at an all-time high. Attempting to break through and build a brand is almost impossible, then. However, there is a seemingly broader range of suitable topics for men than women. For example, guys are terrible at listening to women on the topic of sport. Still, this shouldn’t put off a blog-her from trying to break down walls regardless of the subject. The odds of succeeding may be slim, but it never stopped people such as Gretchen Rubin. She found a voice and had the determination to take her to the top of the digital tree, just like a lot of women bosses.


As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. In the blogging world, a lack of interest will murder a site in cold blood. One thing a blogger can’t get away from is the importance of new material. Audience members and visitors demand fresh content on an almost daily basis. A blog-her who can’t provide any will lose traffic to a competitor. The fantastic thing about curiosity is the fact it fuels new and engaging material. A woman who finds niche angles in a variety of topics will never have writer’s block. Even better, the content should gain traction because it’s completely original. Not to plug her too much, but Ms. Rubin is another excellent example of curiosity at work. Check out her blog, The Happiness Project, for more insight.

Money Management

Whoever said nothing comes for free in this world is right. Blogging sites such as WordPress may provide an open platform yet a blogger has to speculate to accumulate. Take marketing as an example. A website which didn’t cost a penny to develop still needs to invest in SEO and PPC. Shooting up the rankings and paying for media are sure-fire ways to raise visibility, which is essential. Then, as awareness increases, there may be a need to expand. Therefore, a blog needs a credit control recruiter and paid employees to free up cash and grow the business. As a rule, knowledge of money management is important in the life of every businesswoman, especially a blog-her. The great news is that the skills are transferable from everyday life into the corporate world.


The problems that face women in the workplace can make a lady boss want to scream. It’s totally and utterly frustrating, not to mention annoying. However, as a leader, you can’t allow the politics to get in the way of the long-term goals of the blog. There will be times when certain situations make you want to grab a guy by the shirt collar. And, no one would blame you! Just keep in mind that there may be a better opportunity waiting around the corner. With patience, it is easier to bide your time until the perfect opening rears its head.


This one applies to all bloggers but it’s still important to keep it in mind. The way the blogging world works is simple. A person uses backlinks and keywords to promote other blogs on the Web. Although it sounds like a misstep, it’s a smart way to get separate blogs with mountains of traffic to return the favor. Once they are on a newbie’s side, the brand should shoot through the roof as it piggybacks off the followers of the partner site. Seriously, it’s incredible how much influence YouTube channels and websites have in the modern era.

Blog-hers don’t have it easy because of the bias in the industry. However, with a healthy helping of curiosity and savvy social media moves, the unfairness is possible to overcome.

*this is a contributor written post