Sunday can easily be the most important day of the week.

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch… but it is the one day that’s generally dedicated to personal improvement, spirituality, and relaxation – which I am convinced is behind the designation ‘Self-care Sunday’.

For most of us, the other (6) days of the week are hectic, full of responsibility, normal day-to-day activities, and unexpected situations. We often accept this as normal… but I knew that there had to be a better way. Over time, I learned about Sunday rituals – and not just any rituals – the ones that have proved to be game-changers for successful women. Once I developed my own Sunday ritual, it was like someone had given me another secret to success. I began to understand how setting the tone for the days to come, could completely transform my effectiveness, my focus, and my blood pressure.

I want to share these secrets with you so that you too can experience the same in your life.

By cultivating your own Sunday ritual, you will be on your way to a new level of increased productivity, mental focus, and peace of mind. I’m sharing the top 5 Sunday habits, of successful women, to help you use this special day to manifest a wildly successful and amazing week!

Zen Your Space

You probably weren’t expecting this to be #1 but being organized and having an orderly home/ office will help you feel prepared to handle the coming week. Take some time to get your spaces in order, especially those that you frequent the most; Create a clean, well-decorated home that reflects your style and interests and you’ll experience a sense of confidence and calm as you prepare to conquer the days ahead.

Need a little motivation? Remember this: you are less likely to be able to focus, process new information, or maximize productivity in a cluttered space.

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Create Calm

Sunday night anxiety can be the worst. It’s when we allow something that hasn’t happened yet to affect our emotions and perception of future events… in simpler terms, it’s usually a strong sense of dread for what Monday will bring. I’ve found that the best remedy is establishing control.

  • Map out your Monday (or even the whole week) – make appointments in your day planner for all miscellaneous activities (i.e. grocery shopping, workouts, doctor appointments, etc.).
  • Try not to schedule anything ‘heavy’ on the first day of the week.
  • Treat Monday like a transition day and give yourself room to find your groove.

When you know what to expect and have a structured plan of attack, you maintain more control and avoid the stress of a new week.

Girl Boss Sunday Rituals

Style Your Wardrobe

If I asked most people what took the most time for them to do each day, I’m sure that picking out what to wear would be at the top of the list!

Planning your wardrobe for the first few days of the week (at a minimum) can transform your mornings, save time, and eliminate extra stress. No more chaotic mornings looking for the right accessories, shoes or shapewear.

Be a Goal Crusher

You’ve set your goals for the year and maybe even the month… but do you take the time to plan out what you need to do each week to achieve them? Planning for specific tasks that tie into your larger (big picture) goals is what gets you to success. For example, if your goal is to learn a new language. The weekly goal may be to practice for 2 hours each week. You may decide to break this down over several days or do it all in one sitting – what matters is that you get it done!

Tip: Don’t get overzealous and overwhelm yourself with too many weekly goals. Instead, stick to 2-3 – any more and you can set yourself up to feel defeated if you aren’t able to accomplish it all.

Be Intentional

Have you ever read a quote that just spoke to your spirit? You know, the kind of phrase or affirmation that you screenshot, retweet, or jot down in your journal. That feeling that you experienced when you read it and absorbed its meaning, is the exact same feeling that setting your intention, will give you each week. On Sunday, give your week purpose with a theme or a title.

Example: Week one of June may be Overcoming Fear. Set out to complete 1 or 2 things that push you out of your comfort zone. Week 2 may be dedicated to Self-Care. Plan and prepare for going out of your way to do something special for yourself each day.

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Setting your intention could be a single word or a whole phrase, but whatever you do, make it prominent (in your planner, on your screensaver, or notes on your bathroom mirror, etc.); make it a priority and see it through completely.

Initially, you may feel as if you’ve just added extra things to do to your beloved Sundays; but, you will quickly see the benefits of implementing rituals of your own. Most of the tasks listed, don’t take much time. You’ll be free to enjoy a relaxing Sunday, knowing that you are ready to take on the new week!

Have your own effective Sunday rituals? Let’s talk about it… share your tips in the comments.