Let’s be honest, it’s easy not to show up, not to be present and not to put in effort; but in order to create the life of your dreams, you will have to fully commit to the process. You will have to be present and work for it, even when you don’t feel like it… and even when you’re not progressing the way you thought you would.

You WILL have to choose ACTION over EXCUSES!

This lesson hit home today. I realized how much I had been sabotaging my own efforts. I have a goal to get into the best shape of my life. To eat better and exercise more. To start honoring my body and giving it the attention it deserves.

But a goal is just a thought until you take action.

One morning after another, I found a reason to not get my workout done. I literally talked myself out of every single day. I’ll do it this evening. I have too much to do today. I didn’t sleep well. I’ll start on Monday. I’m not feeling well. Then this morning, I made a decision to get up and do it. I decided not to even think about it and I just went through the motions: workout clothes – check, Cize DVD – check, water bottle – check… 30 minutes later, it was over. Without any negative thoughts or moaning, I just got it done!

I didn’t die.

I didn’t miss a beat.

I didn’t give in to my excuses!

And you know what, I felt amazing afterwards. My spirits were up. I had tons of energy and I was mentally focused throughout the day. In fact, I kept asking myself why I had been putting it off for so long, but I already knew the answer. With my own words and thoughts, I was giving myself permission to do nothing! I was sinking my own ship.

Moral of the story:

No matter what the goal is that you’re putting off (whether it’s starting a regular workout, being consistent in your business, or finishing the book that you’re working on) it’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time to get it done!

This example is a simple one, but it applies to every area of life. We often fail before we give ourselves a chance to get started! Think about a goal that you’ve had for a while, what’s really holding you back from it? It’s easy to blame fear or your current circumstance, but for most things in life, we’re held back by our own lack of action. We lean towards ‘why something can’t be done’, instead of focusing on how to make things happen. We allow our thoughts to manifest defeat and anxiety, and discourage ourselves with our own words.

It all starts with you.

What’s more important than how quickly you progress, is your resolute refusal to give up when it gets tough, to permanently give in to resignation or to succumb to the many excuses that you make for yourself.

I’ll admit that its’s easy to make excuses and to not actually show up or put effort towards your goals. But this path only leads to mediocrity. I don’t know anyone that sets a goal of being mediocre or average. To get all that life has for you, you have to embrace that it will take hard work, determination and most of all commitment. Because, life rewards those that are fully present.


In order to accomplish, what we set out to achieve in this life, we have to overcome the justifications that we repeat to ourselves to validate our lack of action. I’m not saying that things will be perfect and that if you put in the work, everything will just fall into place. Of course, there will be disappointing days (sometimes weeks or even months), that’s where commitment comes in. It’s the fuel that keeps you going even when you don’t feel like it, when conditions aren’t optimal or when doubt, fear and defeat creep in. Commitment is 100% mental, your ability to become so focused (so obsessed) with the end result, you’re determined nothing can and nothing will stop you.

If success were easy, everyone would be successful.

Most people won’t commit to the consistency necessary to build something great. But in the end, it’s much more than what you achieve or what accolades you receive… it’s about the person that you become when you show up, when you refuse to give up and when you work hard for the life that you desire! It’s about the character that you build through your commitment to your vision and to living the life of your dreams. It’s about the legacy that you create in the process.

So, I ask you – what goals or endeavors have you talked yourself out of or made excuses for? What are the areas of your life that you need to ‘show up’ and be present in? What’s stopping you from starting today? Let’s talk about it in the comments.